Multimedia I and II Syllabus

.5 credit hours


Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe Soundboth CS6
Adobe Flash CS6
Adobe Encore CS6


Multimedia I:

Multimedia II:

Learning Climate:

In this course, you will work with me and your fellow students to complete lessons and assignments. There are two key points to remember:

Critical Thinking:

You are expected to use critical thinking and creative problem solving to complete exercises.

In Class and Homework Assignments:

Classtime will be given to complete many of the accounting assignments so if class time is used wisely, students should NOT have excessive homework. You are expected to work on an in-class assignment during the time assigned in order to receive full credit. However, if the assignment is not completed by the end of class, it will be due at the beginning of the following class period. All class and homework assignments will be posted on and in "the box" part of my webpage. The link for daily assignments for Multimedia is Assignments.

We must help hold students accountable in completing coursework because this increases their chances of reaching high academic achievement. As an educator at Parkway West High School, my policy on incomplete work is that makeup work is the student's responsibility. If you are absent on the due date, or on the date of a test or quiz, your assignment will become due the day you return. You are responsible for all homework due or assigned the day of any in-school activity that prevents from being in class. A specific due date will be given for each assignment. To receive full credit the assignment must be turned in on time. Assignments will be accepted up to five calendar (not class days) late. After the first day, 20% will be taken off. No assignments will be accepted after the five-day grace period. Assignments will only be accepted during the 6 week grading period that they were assigned.

Grading will be based on attendance, participation, teamwork participation, and successful completion of various assignments, projects throughout this course. Quizzes and tests will be given periodically to check your knowledge and web design skills.

Homework Page/Infinite Campus
Students should check Mrs. Glenn's assignment page for daily assignments (that will be your first instruction each day when you enter the classroom) and announcements. Grades and assignments will be posted on Infinite Campus, but note that DUE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Where Do I Find Work When I am Absent?

There are three places for you to look for your work after you have read

  • Each course has a crate on the counter in my classroom. In that crate is a hanging folder where you should look for the work you missed while you were out
  • Check the shared drive for the appropriate class
  • Check “the box” part of my webpage on the appropriate class webpage

Parkway's guidelines for recording grades:


Grading Guidelines Grading Scale
    Percentage Grade
Class work and homework 50% 90%-100% A
Projects/Quizzes/Tests 40% 80%-89% B
Final Project 10% 70%-79% C
Total 100% 60%-69% D
    Below 60% F


You are expected to attend each class and to be on time. Much of the class progress depends on your involvement and participation. Come to class prepared! Students will be responsible for completing all assignments as they come due. Each assignment should be handed in on time. Assignments, quizzes or tests given during an excused absence may be made up - you have one day to turn in an assignment for each day of an excused absence. This work must be made up before or after school by appointment! Because most of our work is done in class, it is impossible to try and do two periods of classwork within one class period, plan to come in and make up that time in order to do a professional job on the work you have missed. Excused absences during a project do NOT extend the due date of a project - you need to make up the time you missed prior to the due date of the project. It is the student's responsibility to obtain material that they have missed during their absence. Because assignments are posted on the internet, you should not have to ask what you missed on a day that you missed class.

Student Responsibility Card (this is for students who don’t have their class work ~or~ homework "You’ve been Pink-Slipped"). Students will be asked to fill out the card, sign and date it and turn it in with other class work or homework.

Assignments, quizzes or tests given during an unexcused absence will not be allowed to be made up.


Students are expected to be in their seat and ready to work when the bell rings. If you are standing in the back of the room when the bell rings instead of in your seat, logged in with all the necessary materials at hand, you are considered to be tardy. Class begins when the bell rings. In the event that a student is tardy to class, they must have a pass from the office or another teacher excusing them from being late. If you are going to miss class in order to assist another teacher, you must clear it with me prior to missing class.

If the tardy is unexcused, or if a pass is not presented, the student will receive an unexcused tardy. Once a student has accumulated 3 unexcused tardies, they will be issued a detention.

Saving your work:

All of your work should be saved on the network. The majority of the work you complete will be graded on-line. Therefore, points will be deducted if you do not save the file as instructed (file name and location).

Academic Honesty:

Academic honesty requires that students do not cheat or knowingly assist another to do so. This means: Those students who choose to do either of the above statements will receive NO credit for the assignment, quiz or test, and will be issued a detention. Remember, there is a difference between helping each other with a problem and letting your "friend" copy your class work or homework. Both you and your friend will receive a zero for the assignment in this situation.

Your password should be kept confidential. If you feel another student has gained access to your password, ask your teacher for assistance in resetting your password.


In keeping with the traditions and mission statement of Parkway West High School, all students are expected to respect the academic integrity of this course and its participants. Students are to complete all assignments and assessments according to the guidelines the teacher has deemed appropriate for the task (i.e. Individually, with a partner, or within a larger group). Academic dishonesty, including (but not limited to) copying other students' work or allowing other students to copy your work; previewing, sharing, or receiving information from a test or quiz without the teacher's authorization; using prepared materials without approval, and plagiarism (intentionally or unintentionally using another person's work without giving credit to that person) are unacceptable behaviors. Any of these actions, or any other that subverts the academic integrity of this course, may result in a grade of zero (0); a conference with the teacher, parents, and / or administration; a "U" in citizenship; and / or other consequences deemed appropriate by the teacher.


This class is structured much like an actual business environment. Therefore, you should treat all expectations as criteria for evaluation of your performance as an employee. In this class, you will be expected to:

Internet/Computer Use:

Treat your computer with respect. Your computer should not be turned on unless you are using it for accounting class assignments. You may not use the Internet for any reason, in this class, unless it is for an assignment. The internet should be used for academic purposes only. Playing games, checking personal e-mail and participating in chat rooms/bulletin boards are strictly prohibited and will result in the loss of your internet privileges.I strictly interpret and enforce the Internet Policy guidelines as reflected in the student handbook which we went over during our class procedures. Consequences may be the loss of internet privileges for two weeks and/or a behavior referral to the grade level administrator. Denial of internet privileges by parents as indicated on the Pupil Information Form and Student Handbook will be honored.

Electronic Equipment (cell phones, CD players):

According to the Electronic Equipment policy as stated in the student planner, these items are not to be used during during class and should be turned off prior to your entering my classroom. If your parents need to reach you during the day they must call the main office or your administrator’s office so that a message can be delivered to you. Refusal to turn off cell phones or remove headphones can result in the confiscation of these items and/or will result in a discipline referral to your grade level administrator and an I or U for citizenship. ALL cell phones will be placed in "The NOT OK CORRAL" at the beginning of the classroom in the "bin" that matches your computer #; phones may be retrieved when class is dismissed.


Additional rules and exceptions to this syllabus may apply and are at the TOTAL DISCRETION OF THE TEACHER. Special exceptions for specific circumstances are also subject to the discretion of the teacher.