Female Outlaws Of The American West
Brittney S

Madam Josephine

THE MADAM JOSEPHINE's " Helena's red light district" which most women in the west got their start arriving to the minng towns as prositutes and madams soon after their lives turned to crime.


Outlaw women mostly arrived in the west arrived at mining camps as prostisitutes. Many moved their families because they were from small towns or they wanted better farming land. Some of these women became prostitutes and madams.  Since these women weren’t like any other women, their life was influenced by crime whether it was robbing trains, bootlegging, cattle thieving, or holding up a stage coach.  A woman such as Pearl Hart was one of the most notorious female outlaws and the last person and the only woman to hold up a stagecoach.
One specific outlaw woman was Pearl Hart. Pearl Hart grew up in a well to do family and had a good education. When she turned seventeen she marired a hardcore gambler and alcoholic named Fredrick Hart.Years later they split up.Then Pearl hooked upwith miner named Joe Boot. They planned to rob stage coaches and trains. They both stood in front of the train with theirs guns to tell the driver to stop. Once the train stopped, pearl ordered the passengers off andtold them to empty their wallets. They took about $450 and a pistol and loaded the train back up and they were on their way.They were caught and arrested and escaped.After a few weeks after Pearl escaped from jail she met another fugitive named Ed Hogan. Soon after she went to jail again was then sent to Yuma territory prison. They let her out 18 months later and she moved to Kansas City. Pearl Hart soon after disappeared from the public eye and the rest is said to be unknown.

            The conflict for women outlaws was that the laws weren’t made women as Pearl Hart said, “I shall not consent to be tried under a law in which my sex had no voice in making.”  Not only did they have to worry about the law, they also had to worry about other outlaws. Outlaws who heard about or seen them might decided that the women were a threat to them and they would come find them and kill them such as Belle Starr.

Female outlaws connect with all the themes of the American such as diversity, land use, violence and conquest myth and reality, and the settlement of the west. They mostly relate to the violence of the west because of the horse thieving, stagecoach robbing, killing, and bootlegging. Most of these women have experienced all of these themes because of the influence of male of the American west.

What I found interesting about the American west is all of its diversity. You’ll find more action and adventure of about the west than any other subject. The interesting facts about outlaws and female outlaws are the experiences they had and the danger they went through. They are viewed as villains of the old west but in reality they are the hero’s of their time.



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