By Sean H.

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eoutlaw Outlaws were very dangerous, cutthroat bandits that roamed and terrorized the west in the 1880's. They arrived in the west in the early to mid 1800's around the time of the civil war. Most of the bandits seemed to disappear around the early 1900's due to more strick law enforcement. These men often robbed trains on the early railroad along with banks and some pioneers that were heading west. These men often made their living stealing gold, cash, or bank notes any way that they could.
One of the most famous outlaws of the west was Butch Cassidy (Roberty Leroy Parker). Cassidy began as a cattle rancher but was soon corrupted when he met a new partner who was a cattle rutler. Together these men plotted and executed robberies. Cassidy's first run in with the law was a small offense. He rode hour to a clothiers store but when he arrived it was closed. Butch, being very angry and disappointed, broke in and left and IOU with all of his information on it. Cassidy soon met a group that called themselves the "Wild Bunch." Butch and the Wild Bunch were responsible for dozens of bank robberies and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gold. After being released from prison, he made a final robbery and fled to South America with his partner Longabough. In South America they partook in their largest robbery yet which consisted of what would be over $100,000 today. They took their cash and headed to the steppes of Patagonia. Although actual evidence of his death does not exist, he was believed to have committed suicide in Bolivia after withstanding many gunshot wounds in a shootout with law officials. outlaw
outlaw Outlaws faced many conflicts in their day to day life in the west. These men were constantly in danger of their lives. Outlaws always had to be careful to not be arrested. Wanted sign were huung all over many towns with rewards for brining in the dangerous men dead or alive. These rewards could range from $100 to several thousand dollars. So not only did they have to look out for lawmen, but also just regular civilians. Often many of the outlaw gangs did not get along and would have wars with eachother. All in all these men were faced with many dangers and conflicts every day.

Outlaws connect well with the myth and reality theme. people and movies often romanticize the lives of many outlaws. In the movies and stories the bandits were almost always winning all of the gunfights and getting away with lots of money during every robbery. In reality many outlaws were killed or arrested and hung for their crimes. Often times when they would rob a train theyu would come away with little or nothing because sometimes nobody on the train would have a key or the code to the safe. Their lives were much harder and far scarier than they are portrayed in many movies and stories.





The lives of outlaw gangs are very interesting to me because I never knew of all the hardships that they faced on a daily basis. I enjoy learning about the original settlers of the west and how that region came to be. I think that the history of the west is one of the most interesting parts of American history.