Parkway K-8 Technology Proficiencies
The following &qout;I can ..." statements are general ideas of what technology skills students in this grade range should have. These skills should be able to be applied in many curricular areas, supporting and enriching activities that meet curricular goals. Each "I can ..." statement is followed by a list of possible examples, listed here in blue. These proficiencies lean heavily upon the work done by ISTE in their 2007 NETS for Students.

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3-5 Proficiencies

I. I can communicate ideas about a significant event or person by using digital media. (NETS 1,2)

II. I can insert and manipulate graphic images in a digital presentation. (NETS 6)

III. I can evaluate the accuracy and appropriateness of electronic information sources. (NETS 3, 4, 5)

IV. I can use digital tools to collect, organize, and present data. (NETS 2, 3, 4)

V. I can use digital resources to investigate historical, current, or global events or issues and then share ideas with others. (NETS 3, 4)

VI. I can create and organize an individual or group project using digital tools. (NETS 1,2)

VII. I can use basic strategies to recognize and trouble-shoot technological issues. (NETS 6)

VIII. I can choose the appropriate technology medium to address a specific task and audience. (NETS 6)

IX. I can use technology resources in an ethical manner. (NETS 5)

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