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Running a Response quiz and exporting results
Use Existing Quizzes
Response Step-by-Step
Updating with Ease Using Google Calendar
How to Embed a Google Calendar into Web Builder pages
Setting up a Class Blog
PhotoStory3 Tutorial
Embedding video from Digital
Groupwise Instructional
Scratch tutorial videos
Sharing Cart: Sharing and Duplicating in Moodle
Sharing Cart: duplicating and sharing resources in Moodle (a video)
Parkway Art Gallery - How to ...
Optimizing images for the web
Format Painter Tool in Office 2010
SMART Interactivity
Creating a "drop box" in Moodle
Mixing YouTube clips into one video with
Consent for Publication of Student Information
Using YouTube in the Classroom
VoiceThread Instructions
Creating Groups in VoiceThread
Set up a blog with Blogger
Helping Teachers to Use the Internet Effectively
Using SMART Recorder
Dance Mat Typing - Typing Instruction and Practice