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Tech Matters Photostory 3

Description: Learn how to use PhotoStory 3 for making quick digital stories that are easy to create.
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Changing Role of Learners
The role of learners is changing drastically. A major educational tech thinker, Steve Hargadon, argued in his 2008 article “[Web 2.0’s] implications for education and learning are paradigm-shattering... [Students will move] … from consuming to producing, from passive to passionate learning..." (Hargadon,"Web 2.0 is the future education" linked below) (Web 2.0 is web-based tools like Glogster, blogs, and VoiceThread) Education is starting to move away from the lecture circuit, towards regularly allowing new ways of student learning, through collaboration and creation of media forms including videos, and in providing students an active, dynamic role, rather than a passive one in the learning process. These new tools and ways of interacting reinforce and strengthen what we have traditional done in educating children effectively. They just expand the possibilities, learning spaces, and learning opportunities for students. “Whether the domain is English language arts, mathematics, sciences, social studies, history, art, or music, 21st century competencies and expertise such as critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and multimedia communication should be woven into all content areas.” (Jenkins, 2009; Leu, Kinzer, Coiro, & Cammack, 2004). As quoted in the National Educational Technology Plan, 2010.


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