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Flip Video Conversion MP4toWMV

Description: How to convert MP4 (from flip camera) to WMV for use in Movie Maker.
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Visual Learners
“Children today are completely comfortable with the visual bombardment of simultaneous images, text, and sounds because for them, such experiences provide relevant and compelling experiences that can convey more information in a few seconds than can be communicated by reading an entire book…[but] this generation no longer wants to be the audience; they want to be the actors. They expect, want, and need interactive… real-life experiences” (p.14, Jukes, Understanding the Digital Generation) Additionally, since the brain processes visual information at drastically higher speeds than written text (Medina’s Brain Rules, p.233-234) and today’s kids are growing up in a world where the amount of information is expanding at exponential rates, we will naturally begin to communicate more through visual means. Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape, 2010- 21st Century Fluency Project (Jukes, McCain, Crockett).

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