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This webpage is a resource for you and your parents to use this year in 8th grade English. You will find information about each unit, helpful links, handouts, and sample writings by students. I hope you are able to use this webpage to help you achieve success this year!  For due dates, please visit the Eastside Pride website.


Our theme for this year’s English class is “Piecing the Puzzle Together.”  This phrase is appropriate for many reasons.  Each of the units that we will be studying centers around the discovery of new ideas and the process of putting them together to see the big picture.  Who am I? What is my purpose in life? How can I fit in while still being myself? These are the questions that teenagers ask, in life and in literature.  Together, we will be reading literature that helps us explore these issues, writing stories and essays that help us make sense of our world and our place in it, as well as navigating new technology and websites that will equip us for the 21st century world.  Throughout the year, we will work and learn as a community of readers and writers and discover together how we all fit in to the “Great Puzzle” of life!    


Units of Study:

1.  Reading to Understand our World: Students will read a variety of classic short stories, concentrating on theme, conflict, and character motivation. We will also read nonfiction articles that share similar themes with these stories. We are excited for our field trip to the Roberts Orpheum Theatre where this literature will come alive on stage! 

2.  Writing to Understand our World: Students will write narrative fiction or nonfiction pieces while investigating the skills that writers use to create engaging narrative.

3.  Reading Fiction: Students will engage in the study of a futuristic novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry.  Through the medium of this novel, students will be immersed in large and small group discussions, vocabulary development, and in-depth analysis.

4.  Reading Non-Fiction: Students will read a variety of nonfiction articles, memoirs, and other pieces that address the theme of oppression and social justice while investigating the techniques writers use in writing nonfiction.
5.  Writing Nonfiction: Persuasive Writing: Students will research, debate, an investigate a topic of their choosing to learn to write persuasively to formulate an argument and understand an opposing position.

6. Literary Analysis.

Ongoing: vocabulary development, independent novel reading (daily), booktalks or Book- of-the-Month (BOM) activities, speaking, reading aloud, grammar mini-lessons, short analytical writings, MAP preparation.



I can be contacted by phone during my planning time, from 11:44-12:27 at 415-5342. The best way to reach me is via email (see link below). I will always make the best effort to get back to you the day you email me, unless I have already left the building.           


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