7th Grade Science Class with Mrs. Perez

7th Grade Science

Electromagnetic Wave Research



Sound and Light Unit-- Look at the "I Can" foldable in student's notebooks.

Wave interactions vocabulary sheet


  • know the difference between transverse waves and longitudinal waves
  • Know the highest part of the wave is called the crest and the lowest part is the trough for a transverse
     (compression and rarefaction for longitudinal wave)
  • Know the properties of waves:  amplitude, wavelength, and frequency (Look on this website for practice!)
  • calculate the speed of a wave.




Astronomy Unit:  How do Earth, Sun and Moon interact?


Space exploration Timeline 12/13-15
 Crater Lab 12/9
Moon Features 12/8
Moon Phases -After Lab worksheet  12/5
Moon Phases 12/1
Gravity and Inertia 11/30
Seasons 11/29
day and night/ years 11/28


November 17:  Common Assessment on Cells and Heredity-----November 22  Click here for the study guide.

Our new Unit will be Astronomy.


10th Week of School

Writing Testable Questions worksheet- Due Tuesday, October 25

Tuesday (10/18)  -- Practice Common Assessment for Student led conferences and Self Assessment on Effort in science class.

Monday (10/17) field trip-- Why is it important to recycle?  Where does our energy come from?  Can we get energy from trash?

8th week of School: Variables #2 worksheet due next Tuesday, Oct. 11

Monday:(10/3)  Go over cell quiz, study for retake if necessary

Tuesday:(10/4)  How things get in and out of cells, p. 32-39; Finish Onion Cell and Cheek Cell Lab

Wednesday: (10/5):  How things get in and out of cells, Gummy Bear Lab 

Thursday: (10/6) Finished Gummy Bear Lab- finish graph and conclusion for homework

Friday: (10/7):  study guide      notebook self check

7th Week of School

Monday: 9/26/11: In class, worked on cell organelle trading card assignment.

Tuesday:  work on project

Wednesday:  Cheek Cell and Onion Cell Lab

Thursday:  Cell Quiz, worked on project

Friday:  Chemical compounds in Cells Worksheet

6th Week of School

Wednesday: 9/21/11:  Paper, Bugs and Hair lab  HW:  Variables #1 due Monday, 9/26

Tuesday:  9/20/11:  Letter "e" lab in class

Monday, 9/19/11:  Computer Lab, Climate Survey, Self Assessment, signed up for on-line textbook

5TH Week of School

Study for microscope quiz on Friday

Wednesday and Thursday: Testing, NO CLASS

Tuesday: Microscope Movie

Monday 9/12/11:  Microscope, read p. 196, know parts and functions

4th Week of School

9/9/11:  took measure quiz, finished penny lab  Conclusion slide for penny lab.

9/8/11  Continue Penny Lab, study for Measure quiz Friday

9/7/11:  Penny Lab

9/6/11:  Made experimental design foldable

3rd Week of School:

9/1/11 self assessment :  looked at common assessment pre-test (collected notebooks for first notebook check)

8/31/11  Measurement practice #1    Measurement practice #2

8/30/11 measurement lab in class, no HW

8/29/11:  In class, talked about what scientist do, set up Measurement Lab

2nd Week of School: 

8/26/11 Lab Equipment, page 12

8/25/11 Quiz on Safety, Observations (I can make qualitative and quantitative observations.)

8/24/11 Get Safety Contract Signed, finish Absent Minded Professor Worksheet, Safety quiz tomorrow!

8/23/11Read Safety First Packet and completed Crossword Puzzle in class, use packet to help finish answers that you did not get to in class.

8/22/11Page 1 in notebook, write an "All About Me" page.  Tell me about yourself, what you like to do and where and who you live with.  Pretend you are writing the authors page in a book. (Due August 23)

1st Week of School:  Make sure you have a composition notebook by Monday, August 22, 2011.

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