Profile of Southwest Middle School
Parkway School District
701 Wren Avenue, Manchester, MO 63021
Fax: 314.415.7334

7:35 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Principal - Chelsea Watson

Assistant Principals:
8th Grade - Glenn Knopf
7th Grade - Dean Vazis

Administrative Intern
6th Grade - Lisa Schwarz

Southwest Middle School ( Parkway School District) opened September 5, 1995. It shares a campus with Wren Hollow Elementary and Parkway South High School. The school is designed using the "house" concept -- each grade level functions as a smaller school located in a big school setting. Each grade level is housed in its own area with each bordering the various encore subject areas, library, and offices. The grade levels are divided into three teams.This concept helps to give students a more personalized, secure setting, and a better sense of belonging.

Southwest Middle School is academically challenging and, at the same time, understands the unique needs of this age group. During the middle school years, more changes take place (physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally) in the children's lives than at any other time. Southwest addresses these developmental needs by giving students opportunities that promote positive attitudes toward learning and school.

Some extracurricular programs offered include a Partners Program for sixth-graders with Wren Hollow second-graders; a seventh grade Outdoor Education Program; Peer Mediation and Social Skills programs; and an opportunity to attend Science School in the Grand Tetons.

As in other Parkway schools, parent involvement is high and there are many events for families to enjoy together.



School Colors: Red, White & Blue


School Mascot: Sentinel


School Motto:
"Southwest : A Great Place for Kids."


Elementary Feeder Schools:
Oakbrook, Sorrento Springs, Wren Hollow