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South High PDC's Assignments

REAP (During/Post Reading Strategy)

Due: Sunday, August 07, 2050


Title: REAP (Read, Encode, Annotate, Ponder) 
Source: Allen, Janet. Tools for Teaching Content Literacy. Portland, Maine: Stenhouse Publishers, 2004.   
Brief Summary:
REAP is an acronym that stands for Read, Encode, Annotate, and Ponder. The use of this strategy will cause the students to revisit the text during each stage of the REAP process. They will have to think about how to represent main ideas and the author’s message in their own words. When they get to the ponder stage the will have to connect with the text at a high level through analysis and synthesis of their reading.
Supplies needed:
Each student will need a text to read and a REAP worksheet.
1.) Introduce to the class what they will be doing. Discuss with them what the acronym REAP means and what they will be looking for.
R-read on your own
E-encode the text by putting the gist of what you read in your own words
A-annotate the text by writing down the main ideas (notes, signifigant words, quotes) and the author’s message.
P-ponder what you read by thinking and talking with others in order to make personal connections, develop questions about the topic, and/or connect this reading to other readings you have done.
It would be best to model this strategy first.
2.) Have each student choose a partner. If there is an odd number create a group of three
3.) Release the students to do the activity.
Discussing this strategy with the class and modeling is key. Without this step the students will lack real direction and motivation could suffer as a result.
Submitted by:
Best Practices Group