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South High PDC's Assignments

Guided Reciprocal Peer Questioning (Post Summary Strategy)

Due: Sunday, August 07, 2050


Title: Guided Reciprocal Peer Questioning

SourceUniversity of Texas, Teaching Resource Center

Brief Summary:                                                                                                              

The goal of this activity is to generate discussion among student groups about a specific topic or content area. 


1.  Teacher conducts a brief (10-15 minutes) lecture on a topic or content area. Teacher may assign a reading or written assignment as well.

2.  Instructor then gives the students a set of generic question stems.

3.  Students work individually to write their own questions based on the material being covered.

4.  Students do not have to be able to answer the questions they pose. This activity is designed to force students to think about ideas relevant to the content area.

5.  Students should use as many question stems as possible.

6.  Grouped into learning teams, each student offers a question for discussion, using the different stems


Sample question stems:
  • What is the main idea of...?
  • What if...?
  • How does...affect...?
  • What is a new example of...?
  • Explain why...?
  • Explain how...?
  • How does this relate to what I've learned before?
  • What conclusions can I draw about...?
  • What is the difference between... and...?
  • How are...and...similar?
  • How would I
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of...?
  • What is the best...and why?

Math: How does Domain affect Range? What is the best method to solve this system? What if there is an imaginary number as a solution? Explain how to find an X intercept?

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Best Practices Team