Welcome to 5th Grade

Essential Questions


Essential Questions

Fourth Grade at a Glance!

Essential Questions listed by Unit.
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Fourth Grade Units of Study

Each Unit has Essential Questions:

Readers Build Good Habits

         -Why do we read? 

         -What habits do readers develop and utilize to ensure understanding?

         -Why do readers need to think while they read?

Questioning and Inferring

          -Why do readers ask questions and make inferences?

          -How do readers ask questions and make inferences?


          -How is nonfiction organized to help readers?
          -How do readers know what is important when reading nonfiction?
          -Why do readers read nonfiction?
Story Elements
Dealing with Difficulty
Historical Fiction
Writers Build Good Habits
      -Why do writers write?
      -What strategies do writers use to compose? 
Process Essay
      -How do writers organize information to inform their audience?
      -Why do writers communicate processes?
Personal Narrative
      -How do small moments guide personal narrative?   
      -Why do writers write stories from their lives?
      -Why do writers write?
      -What strategies do writers use to compose?   
Writing Picture Books
Feature Article
Math:  See Math Tab - "I can" statements
- Landmarks, and Large Numbers (Unit 5)  August, September
-Factors, Multiples, and Arrays (Unit 1)  October
-Descirbing the Shape of Data (Unit 2)
-Multiple Towers and Division Stories (Unit 3)
-Size, Shape, and Symmetry (Unit 4)
-Moving Between Solids and Silhouettes (Unit 7)
-Fraction Cards and Decimal Squares (Unit 6)
-How Many Packages? How Many Groups? (Unit 8)


Electric Circuits and Magnetism

  • How can electrical energy be transformed?
  • What impact does electricity have on our world?
  • How does an electric circuit work?
  • How does energy travel along a circuit?

 Motion and Design


        -How does energy impact motion?
        -How do vehicles move?
        -Why do vehicles move?
       -How do humans affect their water supply? 
       -What are the physical properties of water? 
Structures of Life
Social Studies:
Regions of the United States
       -How are the regions of the U.S. similar and different?
    -  What makes a place a region?                                                                             
        -How does a specific region affect the way people live?
Show Me Missouri – Geography
      -Why do cities change over time?
      -How does the geography of a place influence the choices made by people?
      -What is special about the physical geography of Missouri?
      -How do choices made by people impact the geography?
The History of Missouri!    Early Settlement
                                        Westward Expansion
                                        Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction
                                        New Challenges
Checks and Balances: Government in Missouri
Missouri Money: Missouri’s Economy Today

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