About Shenandoah Elementary School

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Debbie Palazzola
Dr. Carrie Luttrell - Principal
Debbie Palazzola - Administrative Intern

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Shenandoah Valley Points of Pride

15399 Appalachian Trail, Chesterfield 63017
Dr. Carrie Luttrell, Principal - Debbie Palazzola, Admin. Intern
  • School Mascot: Panthers
At Shenandoah Valley the mission is to develop life-long learners who reach their full potential through a positive and supportive learning community.

The staff believes the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of the school is to develop their capacity to function as a Professional Learning Community in which:
  • Teamwork, shared leadership, and new learning are the foundation for making Shenandoah Valley an exemplary school.
  • Learning is the focus of the school, and everyone strives for academic excellence.
  • A positive and nurturing learning environment is provided in which each member feels connected and safe, both physically and emotionally.
At Shenandoah Valley, staff members, parents, and the community work collaboratively to help children learn and be successful. The school’s staff focuses on providing an invitational environment which promotes a sense of belonging and self-worth for students and adults. Within this environment, high expectations are set for student achievement. There is a strong parent and volunteer base to draw from which strengthens and enhances the overall academic opportunities available at the school.

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