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Want to be notified whenever a news story is added to our site? With Parkway RSS feeds, now you can, and you won’t have to visit our site.

About RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds

RSS feeds (and Podcasts) are just organized lists of content in the form of headlines, summaries, or links to other content on a server. That content could be a page, a blog, an audio file, a photo, or other media. What makes these feeds powerful is that you can subscribe to them to be notified when the list is updated.

Most of the RSS feeds on the are generated by a query to a database of content. That setup works really well for news feeds like the ones from CNN, the Post-Dispatch, or Parkway.

How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed

To sign up for an RSS feed, you will need a news reader. A news reader is software that will check the RSS feed periodically for updates. There are several options. You can use a stand alone news reader such as Feed Reader for PC or NetNewsWire Lite for Mac. The Firefox and Safari browsers and many email programs have tools built into them to let you subscribe to a feed. In most cases, to subscribe you click on the orange RSS RSS or XML XML button, copy the URL on that page, and paste the URL into your reader according to the instructions of your news reader. You may also see this icon RSS Broadcast used to indicate an RSS feed.

Users with My Yahoo, Google, or Newsgator pages can easily subscribe by clicking on one of the buttons on the right.