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 December 13, 2018, 6:47AM

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How Does Parkway Determine Elementary Class Sizes?

The total number of students enrolled in a grade level is a primary factor in determining the size of each class. Each year, this number always varies from school to school, depending on enrollment fluctuations, new housing developments, etc.

The other major factor in the number of students per class is the standard that is set for “desirable” and maximum class sizes and is used for staffing purposes.  For example, in the third grade, the desirable class size is 21 students, but there may be up to 24 students in a class before opening up an additional room. The following illustration shows that a total number of students ranging from 49 to 72 can result in actual class sizes of anywhere from 16 to 24 students.  One fewer than 49 students would require only two classes; one more than 72 would require four.

Example:  Third Grade
Desirable Class Size:  21 students
Maximum Size Before Additional Classroom is Established:  24

Total Students Enrolled Classes Class 1 Class 2 Class3 Class 4
42 2 21 21    
48 2 24 24    
49   24 25* must add a class  
49 3 16 16 17  
72 3 24 24 24  
73 3 24 24 25* must add a class
73 4 18 18 19  19

Another variation occurs when additional students enroll after school begins, causing class sizes to exceed the maximum. Rather than disrupt students who have already settled into a teacher’s classroom – and because space is not always available for another classroom – it is sometimes best to add a teacher’s assistant to a classroom rather than open up a new room with a new teacher

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