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Proposition R

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Proposition R

How Will the Money be Used?

  1. Class Size, Student-Teacher Ratio, and Staffing $4.15 million
    • Lower maximum class size by an average of at least two students in Grades K-5 (over two years)
    • Decrease student-teacher ratios in Grades 6-12
    • Continue to attract and retain skilled and experienced staff

  2. Textbooks, Instructional Equipment, Technology Software and Hardware $4.30 million Textbooks
    • Replace out-of-date textbooks and instructional equipment
    • Restore school budgets that have been frozen for the last seven years
    • Support technology instructional applications in the classroom
    • Develop student data information and web-based curriculum systems

  3. Academic Achievement with a Focus on the Basics and Student Success $3.85 million
      Academic Achievement
    • Update Parkway's curricula to be consistent with new federal No Child Left Behind achievement requirements and Missouri standards
    • Develop Math Recovery Program K-8
    • Strengthen Reading Support K-12
    • Update library resources, references, and research materials
    • Strengthen prevention programs for all students
    • Strengthen intervention programs for students with unique needs
    • Develop alternative education programs for students (with academic and/or behavioral issues) who are performing below district standards
    • Accommodate growth in the English as a Second Language Program
    • Enhance programs for gifted students

  4. Financial Security/Efficiency $2.50 million Financial Stability
    • Reduce operating deficits caused by:
      • Frozen state funding
      • Declining VST enrollment
      • Limited new construction within the community
      • Inflationary pressures
    • Reduce staffing proportionate to enrollment decline
    • If enrollment continues to decline, plan for redrawing attendance boundaries/closure of schools