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A copy of the current draft commitments are listed below. Click here for a printable version of the current draft commitments.


To accomplish our mission, the Parkway School District will:

• be a national leader in education by guaranteeing quality, integrity and innovation
• foster a school community that recognizes the uniqueness of students and believes in their ability to learn and succeed
• engage students in relevant learning through a guaranteed, viable district curriculum that is rigorous and worthwhile
• ensure students experience respectful learning environments that are safe, welcoming and well-designed
• support the health, well-being and character development of students
• build positive relationships among students, parents, staff and the broader community
• maintain a culture of accountability in which all departments, schools and programs collect and report relevant data on their progress toward mission-driven goals
• recruit, employ and retain the most exceptional staff members who are dedicated to educating the diverse Parkway community
• cultivate strong professional communities that utilize data, knowledge, experience and research to improve practice and accomplish goals
• nurture an appreciation of the role the arts play in our lives and culture


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