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Project Parkway

Goal 3 Committee Roster

Co-Chairs: Wes Garton, Gary Mazzola and Sam Sciortino

Focus Area Leaders Subcommittee Leaders

A: Ensure safe, secure and accessible facilities through ongoing maintenance and renovation .

Mike Mertens 

Craig Fenner

Kathy Muehlrath

Aaron Wills 

B: Provide current and secure technology to support operational efficiency, teaching and learning.

Tom Swoboda

Steve VanMater                      

Kashina Bell

Rob Gaugh

Chris Shirley

C: Identify and develop school environments necessary for 21st century teaching and learning.

Desi Kirchhofer

Mike Baugus

Debbie McMillan

Will Rosa

D: Improve communication and decision-making through effective and efficient data collection, analysis and reporting.

Sharon Hennessy 

Diana Stewart

Kathy Cain

Lauri Chamberlain

Randy Eikel

Goal 3 Committee Members

Focus Area A

Focus Area B

Focus Area C

Focus Area D