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Project Parkway

Goal 2 Committee Roster

Co-Chairs: Jenny Marquart, Bonnie Maxey, Beth Plunkett and Kathy Saitz

Focus Area Leaders Subcommittee Leaders

A: Develop and implement an integrated Pre-K-12 system and services that identify and respond to students' academic success through social/emotional/behavioral support.

John Barrow 

Amy Branson

Marie Burke

Tim McCarthy

Beth Wendling 

B: Foster membership through a caring, safe school environment for all students, staff, parents and community.

Lisa Harnacker
                            Helen VanDerhyden

Jami DeBosch

Tim Gannon

Jason Kozdron

Ron Ramspott

Bill Senti

C: Increase student success by focusing on diversity in order to foster student, staff and community membership.

Charlotte Ijei

Moyenda Anwiyse

Sean Doherty

Kevin Mabie

Jeremy Mitchell

Mary Muckler

Becky Warren

Chelsea Watson

Goal 2 Committee Members

Focus Area A

Focus Area B

Focus Area C