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Project Parkway

Goal 1 Committee Roster

Co-Chairs: Kathy Blackmore, Kim Brandon and Nan Johnson

Focus Area Leaders Subcommittee Leaders

A: Develop and consistently implement an aligned Pre-K-12 guaranteed, viable, district curriculum that is designed to increase student engagement and achievement.

Liz Morrison 

Karen Calcaterra

Lisa Greenstein

Aaron McPherson

Denise Pupillo

Chris Raeker 

Pat Teich

B: Implement evidence based instructional strategies including technology best practices that promote high levels   of student engagement and achievement.

Becky Langrall
                            Lisa Merideth

Kevin Beckner

Barb Moore

Simone Wilson

Gail Wulff

C: Collect, analyze, and use data from national, state, and Parkway assessments to monitor curriculum, inform instruction, and implement academic interventions to increase student achievement.

Chialin Hsieh

Ron Banfield

Linda Lelonek

Bonnie McCracken

Diane Richter

Goal 1 Committee Members

Focus Area A

Focus Area B

Focus Area C