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Project Parkway

Subcommitte 3/C/1 Essential Question:
How does Parkway continue to offer comprehensive educational opportunities for all students?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

  • Current class/school size
  • Interviews of building principals and managers
  • 5 year enrollment projections
  • Listing of where all specialized programs are housed
  • School boundaries and attendance areas
  • Starting times for elementary, middle schools, and high schools
  • District Policy and Guidelines for attendance areas and boundaries

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data

Space and Enrollment

  • Plethora of new programs and corresponding additional staffing (i.e., math specialists, literacy coaches, progress monitoring coaches)
  • Increased diversity
  • Additional programs for students with special needs
  • Good school design or redesign
  • Middle school consistency with 8 period day
  • Technology
  • “Personality” of schools, positive relationships between students and staff, and overall positive school climate
  • Renovations
B. Identified Needs

Space and Enrollment

  • Lack of space for students and staff
  • Overcrowding especially in North area elementary schools
  • Not enough storage space
  • Lack of permanent walls
  • Poor design of school or aspects of school
  • School boundary lines may need revision (equity and balance in programs/staffing/offerings)
  • Problems with ADA compliance
  • Classrooms are too small
  • Special areas (theatre, music, family and consumer science, etc.) are inadequate
  • Computer lab shortage
  • Libraries (physical space, not book collections) need work
  • Furniture replaced
  • Too much space; would like more students

 School Start Times

  • Consistent Start Times at elementary levels
  • Middle schools too early (7:20am)
  • More consistent tiering system
C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed

Space and Enrollment

  • All data from other sub committees will need to be reviewed before any final recommendations could be made
  • More community perspective on offerings and needs

School Start Times

  • Data/findings from other Goal/Focus areas
  • Community perspective on school start and end times (length of day)


D. Comments

Space and Enrollment

  • Many discussion items are dependent on other goal area key findings (ie, full-day kindergarten, length of school day, technology findings)
  • Keys findings need to be shared and studied by/with Goal 3 Focus Area A
  • Future possibility of “open enrollment”
  • South Middle not a “neighborhood school”
  • Some elementary schools “split” into different middle schools
  • 2 campuses for secondary alternative programs (Fern Ridge & ISC)
  • Many issues have been addressed since 2002 study
  • Continue small class sizes (ensure safety in new HS science classrooms at 24 student cap)
  • Parking space not adequate/safe in some schools (Northeast Middle)
  • Possible experiment with one district wide traditional K-8 elementary school
  • Consider the domino effect for any change

 School Start Times

  • bus “tiering system” most cost effective
  • Space and Cost for additional busses if more tiers are needed
  • Other variables such as length of day will need to be considered
  • Consider the domino effect for any change