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Subcommitte 3/B/3 Essential Question:
What classroom technological devices help facilitate a transfer of knowledge when students are learning the District's curriculum?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

  • What level are all of our classrooms?
  • Student Tech Demo data
  • Teacher Tech Demo data
  • Current Inventory
  • What are other Districts doing with visually interactive equipment?
  • Baseline data
  • Tech Proficiency data
  • Development data for teachers
  • Grapplings data
  • Teacher web site
  • Online Classrooms
  • What types of technologies are utilized the most at certain grade levels? Subject area?

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data
  • Parkway is creating and will complete 21st Century classroom environments with the Visually Interactive Classroom initiative in all classrooms by 2012.
  • The majority of patrons and staff surveyed believe visually interactive devices are important educational tools
  • Evidence of student use of interactive whiteboards, response systems and document cameras in most curricular areas.
  • Student response systems provide immediate feedback to students and can be a valuable source of assessment for teachers
  • Increased and curriculum integrated development for teacher needs is beginning to occur and is promoting the use of technological tools in the classroom
  • Students are comfortable with and utilize Web 2.0 tools and applications regularly
B. Identified Needs
  • Students would like to have more technology utilized in their classrooms
  • Students would like to see more information delivered online
  • Teachers need more of a curriculum based tech development program to assist with proper integration of technology tools
  • There should be some type of accountability for the utilization of technology tools
C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed


D. Comments
  • Research suggests that interactive whiteboards increase student learning and achievement
  • Students see technology as vital to their educational success
  • Based on a nationwide study, parents and students prefer interactive whiteboards, projection devices, learning management systems, response systems, and document cameras for classrooms
  • Based on a nationwide study, parents and students prefer the use of personal computing devices
  • Students appear to know more about how to use the technology than teachers
  • This subcommittee feels that technology devices alone will not create transfer of learning. Proper instructional strategies and curriculum embedded integration strategies will help to promote transfer.