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Subcommitte 3/A/1 Essential Question:
Are the District's facilities able to safely and effectively support the District's mission?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

An overview of Facilities’ current systems and plans, as listed below, was presented at the September 21 meeting and included a number of supporting documents used and/or created by Facilities.  It was determined that these processes and procedures satisfy the Committee’s data collection and project management needs to reveal current reality.

Overview of Systems/Plans
     • Interneer Document Management System
     • VFA Capital Asset Management
     • SchoolDude Work Order Systems
     • Primevera Project Plan
     • Safety & Security

Discussion needs to continue to revolve around how we are to capture developments coming from other committees that will reflect/impact the needs of the district.

It was also determined that a sub-committee headed by Kathy Muehlrath is needed to research the ADA current reality and present future ADA needs of the district.  The ADA Sub-Committee meeting notes will be posted in the Sub-Committee Meeting portion of the Project Parkway website.

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data
  • Parkway is very aware of safety and continues to take steps to improve safety and security.
  • Good understanding of the infrastructure needs of the district.
  • Good 5 and 10 year plans in place.
  • Good equipment maintenance history.
  • Good safety and security plans in place.
  • Good planning and tracking systems in place.
  • Good construction documents.

The Parkway School District continually strives to meet the educational and physical challenges of our students as they become purposeful, capable and confident learners preparing to lead productive lives in our ever changing and complex world. To this end, the district as a whole and individual departments discuss concerns/issues and develop proactive responsible strategies to address future ADA needs. The district continues to address issues/concerns as they arise in a timely and responsive manner to solve the problem. The district currently has identified four (4) elementary schools (one in each area), as well as five (5) middle schools and four (4) high schools, as ADA accessible. There are six (6) additional schools that are nearing full accessibility.

B. Identified Needs
  • Understanding the needs of curriculum and development and the impact that changes in this area will have on the infrastructure needs from an educational standpoint (i.e. full-day kindergarten).
  • What impact will technology upgrades and improvements have on the infrastructure needs?
  • What will the ADA subcommittee find that will need to be addressed in capital spending? (Refer to Goal 3/Focus Area A/Subcommittee 2)
  • Will capital be available through bond issues or other funding sources?
  • Understanding the direction the district wants to go to bring our buildings into 21st century structures (i.e. LEED program, Energy Star status, etc.).

The identified needs are a work in progress.

  • One area that does need to be addressed is the use of wood chips under the outdoor playground equipment of our ADA accessible schools. Discussions are needed to review this practice and to look at alternatives to wood chips which do provide protection from injury, but are prohibitive for individuals with mobility concerns or when operating a wheelchair. Switching from wood chips to another source of playground protection would have a positive impact on ten (10) elementary schools.
  • Several of our schools operate outdoor classrooms that are not easily accessible for students who have mobility concerns.
  • Several of our schools need additional sidewalks to access walking tracks and/or fields.

As this process continues, our Subcommittee will need additional information from the curriculum and development, space, and technology committees to address newly indentified issues/concerns.

C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed
  • What priorities will the district set as a result of the Steering Committee’s review of all three (3) goals and how will where our time and money get spent be determined?
  • Is it possible to achieve a “no trash” district? If so, what needs to be done to make it happen?