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Subcommitte 2/C/4 Essential Question:
How will we assess our district committees to ensure effective, sustainable participation of parents, student and community members?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

What are the names of district committees?

Who are the facilitators of the committees?

Do all district committees have student, parent, and community member representation?

How are parents, students, and community members selected to be on district committees?

Do facilitators of the committees seek out students, parents, and community members who reflect Parkway's diverse community?

What are the demographics of the ParkwaySchool District

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data

44% of the committees have parent representation.

35% actively seek out parents who reflect our diverse community.

32% of the committees have community members and 30% seek out members of our diverse community.

It appears that community membrs are selected in various methods based on needs of the committee.

B. Identified Needs

Only 4% of committees sought out and had student representation reflecting our diverse community.

The majority of the committees do not have out parent (56%), student (96%), or community member (68%) representation.

65% do not seek diverse parent representation.

70% do not seek diverse community member representation.

C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed

We need more information as to which committees would be appropriate to seek parent, and/or student, and/or community members who reflect Parkway's diverse community.

We need clarification as to how parents, students and community members are selected to be on a committee.