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Subcommitte 2/C/3 Essential Question:
How will we review and implement the strategies of the Diversity In Action committee's recommendations to recruit, hire, and retain a diverse workforce that represents our Parkway population?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

The data colleted will consist of both qualitative and quantitive information: The data will come from the following areas:

  • Past 5 year hiring statistics,
  • Current 2009-10 hiring statistics,
  • Interviews and surveys of staff of color to gain perspectives and attitudes surrounding the hiring concern
  • Current trends in education surrounding the intersection of achievement gap issues and the hiring of a diverse staff.

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data
  • Social Justice Cohorts at administrative and teacher/certified staff level
  • HR actively seeks out a diverse pool of applicants (e.g., diversity job fairs, mentioning we seek diversity when visiting university students, sending reps to Nashville teacher fair)
  • Diversity in Action committee produced HRRP recommendations
  • Parkway Prevention Intervention Team (PIT), which is made up of a racially diverse set of staff, has a focus on building leadership skills in students of color
  • Superintendent’s Social Justice Student Leadership Advisory Council
  • Increase in staff and administrators of color during recent years
  • Intentional work by district to increase staff awareness and understanding regarding the need for more diversity in Parkway staff for the benefit of students
B. Identified Needs
  • HR Data: Percentage of staff races is not equal to the percentage of student races
  • Survey’s of Employee’s of Color: (Need to change hiring practices to ensure people of color feel welcomed, comfortable, and free to express their true self during the hiring process)
  • U.S. Census Bureau: Due to the predicted changes in the racial diversity of the U.S., we must continue to increase our students’ exposure, understanding, and empathy for people of color and multiculturalism. One way to achieve this is to continue a focus on hiring a diverse staff.
  • Research Articles
C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed
  • Information regarding the validity and possible cultural bias of the Ventures and Procedures utilized to screen teacher candidates
  • Seek out if any past data exists that is similar to the current survey sent out by this subcommittee
  • Clear outline/spreadsheet of HR data regarding racial statistics of staff and students