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Subcommitte 1/C/1 Essential Question:
What is the current use of data by teachers, administrators and parents (Infinite Campus)? How are we using a variety of assessment results to monitor curriculum, inform instruction, and implement academic interventions to increase student achievement?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

  • Student Survey to study student's use of their assessment data.
  • Parent Survey to study how parents use the assessment data they receive on their children.
  • Teacher/Administrator Survey to study teacher's and administrator's use of assessment data to improve student achievement.

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data

The following general observations are based on the survey results analyzed by the Focus C committee and the District Assessment Committee:

  • To monitor curriculum, inform instruction and implement academic interventions, administrators appear to use assessment data. They use assessment data in a variety of ways and to varying degrees depending on the grade level. Teachers at all grade levels use ongoing classroom assessment and MAP the most. There was interest indicated in learning how to use assessment data more effectively.
  • Students appear to be concerned about their grades and use their grades to monitor their individual progress. They asked for more timely and immediate feedback, clearer learning goals and expectations, and a way to check for understanding.
  • Parents are concerned about test scores for their children as well as the test scores in the district as a whole. They are interested in assessment data and how it reflects the quality of the school district. They want to learn more about assessments in general and how they can help their children.
B. Identified Needs
  • Students requested a balanced, comprehensive and ongoing feedback system, along with clearer learning goals and expectations.
  • Noting that limited time may be a factor in accessing and using data effectively, nonetheless, professional development is needed for all staff in order to: locate assessment data efficiently, use assessment data to inform instruction and understand the importance of assessment literacy. Training on PARS, specifically, is needed.
  • Parent education about assessments is needed for better overall understanding and for parents to help their children be successful. Parents could be strong partners with teachers if they understood more about the use of assessment data, how tests connect to the curriculum and the relevancy of standardized tests.
  • Better communication about assessments is needed to build common understanding for everyone.
C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed
  • Several new questions were raised as our committees analyzed the survey results and identified needs:
  • Who will be accountable for assessment literacy training for teachers? What will be the cost in time and money? Who will be accountable for parent education?
  • Elementary administrators asked: Are all tests necessary? Required? Could time and money be saved by eliminating least used tests such as SAT/OLSAT?
  • Connection to Goal 1 Focus B: Could changes in the teacher evaluation model affect the understanding and use of assessments for learning and assessments of learning?
  • Connection to Goal 1 Focus A: Are we going to expect the district to collect data from Common Assessments?