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Project Parkway

Subcommitte 1/A/2 Essential Question:
To what extent do students in Parkway receive the Guaranteed and Viable curriculum?

9/28/2009: What data will be collected to reveal current reality?

Committee members will take surveys as they tour schools.  Questions include evidence of learning and levels of student engagement.

Walkthrough document

3/1/2010: Key Findings

A. Positive Observations Revealed by the Data

- Based on the visual walk of the buildings it was evident that the curriculum as outlined on the on-line curriculum guide was being implemented across the district in grades K – 8
- Based on the visual walk of the building it was evident that content based curriculum was being taught.
- The teacher survey indicated use of the OCG indicating the OCG is useful for planning instruction
- The online curriculum guide revealed that Parkway offered a great selection of courses at the high school.
- The online curriculum guide overview indicated the tool was easy to use and easy to gain access.
-Many teachers are teaching the guaranteed and viable curriculum. (Subcommittee 2)

B. Identified Needs

- The administrator survey indicated many of the administrators do not use the OCG indicating the need to ensure administrators use the OCG to enhance learning in their work as building leaders
- Not all of the teachers used the OCG as indicated in the teacher survey and classroom visits – additional development of teachers on the OCG is indicated
- The teacher and administrator surveys both indicated a curriculum-at-a-glance document would be useful on the OCG
- The walk-through indicated that high school teachers may not be implementing the district curriculum at the same level as elementary and middle schools due to lack of visible evidence of Essential Questions.
- During classroom visits, the subcommittee also observed that students are often “pulled” from classroom time for various reasons (SSD, MOSIACS, orchestra, other), and therefore are not present to receive the guaranteed and viable curriculum. (Subcommittee 2)
- During classroom visits, the subcommittee observed that not all content taught could be found on the OCG. (Subcommittee 2)
- The online curriculum guide review indicated numerous courses were offered at different schools and the class offerings were not equitable.
- The online curriculum guide review indicated a variance in the quality/quantity of content and resources available for teachers.
- Ensure consistent formatting for all courses on the OCG and continue to improve user-friendliness of the OCG.

C. (If Necessary) Additional Data Needed

- The Project Parkway members who participated in the Data Protocol felt the percentage of respondents to the survey was lower than we had hoped for, and therefore may not be as representative as we would have liked. Survey respondents were more likely to be teachers with less than 10 years experience.

D. Comments

The students involved in the OCG review were most concerned about the diversity of offerings at the high school being different at each school. The students expressed disappointment that they were not offered all of the choices.