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Draft Mission Feedback

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  1. The word "capable" is ambiguous. Is it a strong enough word to communicate and express the limitless ability of a student?

    In addition, "worthwhile" appears to be a value judgment which is too subjective.

    The mission should be more uplifting and inspirational.

    Include the word engaging to add an active conotation to the mission.

    Submitted: 10/15/09

  2. We don't like the use of the word "aim". It implies that it is okay to miss. We just have to try. We prefer "we will provide". Is there a place for the term "rigor"? Could teachers read this and use it to support their position that they are solely focused on preparing students for the next course. They see no relevance in addressing "big ideas" or enduring understandings.

    Submitted: 10/15/09

  3. It seems that the section that follows "fully prepared" is limiting and might be redundant. If students are fully prepared to "lead fulfilling, productive, and responsible lives", would they not also be prepared to meet current and future educational challenges? Further, the line that begins "we aim..." is focused on the adult piece, rather than what we are striving to reach. Could we provide a "stimulating and worthwhile education", but not meet our end goal, which is producing students who are able to lead fulfilling, productive, and responsible lives? We would argue that the answer is yes, and that the line that begins "we aim..." should be removed.

    Submitted: 10/15/09

  4. We like the word "engaging" instead of "stimulating."

    Submitted: 10/15/09

  5. "We aim" Our perception is this connotates a lack of intent to reach the goal, similar to "We will try" which is equally as unacceptable. How about "We will?"

    "Capable" to our group seems to describe something innate or unchangeable such as ability or intelligence. Capability can be nurtured, and some kids will go beyond their capabilities. Perhaps the word "skillful" or "independent" would work better here? "Confident" How does one measure confidence? Doesn't this look different in every child? We will provide a "stimulating" and worthwhile education. Stimulating is something done to another, while a word like "engaging" puts ownership on both the teacher and the student.

    Submitted: 10/15/09

  6. Beliefs about student capacity to learn often limits student achievement. (capable)

    Replace capable with creative.

    prepared for current & future educational challenges-want students to continue to learn after their formal education is completed transfer ability to learn

    Submitted: 10/15/09

  7. I am wondering if we should include providing a safe, comfortable enviroment to optimize the learning enviroment. As when reviewing our sub committee work this is one of our focuses.

    Submitted: 10/14/09

  8. The mission statement should focus on outcomes, rather than on the means used to achieve them. The vision could be where we discuss how we'll get there (e.g., through worthwhile and engaging learning experiences. How would you measure 'worthwhile?'

    Submitted: 9/29/09

  9. I would like to see a short and sweet mission statement. One that can be stated by all staff without hesitation. It should be inclusive of all students, including those who might not seek further education. Something like:

    The mission of the Parkway School District is to ensure that our students are capapble and confident learners who are fully prepared for their educational aspirations as well as life's challenges.

    I see all of the other descriptors as part of the bullets in the vision statement. As for the vision statement. That also needs to be shortend, should include the goals of all of the focus groups as well as easily remembered by staff. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

    Submitted: 9/27/09

  10. I would like to suggest including the word "independent" directly before the word capable or somewhere within the first sentence. I think this helps the mission statement to read as a more student engaged document. Thank you.

    Submitted: 9/23/09

161 to 170 of 179 Comments
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