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Draft Mission Feedback

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  1. 1. Parkway Mission Statement should be modified to read: Parkway Mission Statement and Goals.

    2. The 1st paragraph of Draft #3 of 12 Nov, 2009 is too confusing to be a mission statement. It reads as a narrative to Parkway School District's past achievements. Such is not what a mission statement should be.

    3. Also, in the 2nd paragraph of the same draft, a hyphen (-) was used to highlight the bulleted points that are connected to the foregone text. That is wrong usage of hyphen. The appropriate indentation should have been the use of Colon (:). Here is the difference: A hyphen is useful to separate two identical vowels that are together (i. e., Pre-colonial; fore-gone, etc.). A Colon introduces a clause or phras that points out, illustrates, highlights, or restates what has gone before.

    3. The District's Goals which is actually what the 2nd paragraph of the Mission statement is, should stand out as the District's goal. Right now, it is lumped into the mission statement. That is very confusing.

    4. I preferred the Draft Mission #2 but with the following modifications:

    The Mission of the Parkway School District is to develop Parkway students to become capable, curious, and confident learners and to prepare them for current and future educational challenges. We aimed at providing a stimulating learning environment and education that empowers our graduates to lead fulfilling, productive, and responsible lives in an ever changing and complex world.

    The goal of the District is to have our students:

    a. Leave the District fully prepared for their next educational challendes,

    b. Transfer their learning to new challenges, tasks and situations in and out of school, et., etc.


    On the Draft Mission #2, I struck out the word "ensure" in favor of the word 'develop.' Using the word "ensure" in your mission statement would be the same thing as having the chicken before the egg hatch. That will not happen in real world.

    I also used the word 'empowers,' over "enables." Semanticall speaking, the word enable is saying just about the same thing as empower. But empowerment is more forceful and speaks directly to self-actualization which is the altimate end of education and training.

    Finally, I strucked out the word "worthwhile" in favor of 'stimulating learning environment,'for objectivity reasons, it is one element the District must cultivate in order to be successful.

    Draft Mission #3 should be disregarded.

    Submitted: 11/13/09

  2. Remove "remarkably". Should a mission statement include bullet points? If your take a sampling of Universities, several include longer bullet point style mission statements. If you took a sampling of successful Fortune 500 companies many are short. For example, Archer Daniel Midland Company's Mission: "To unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of life". Does a shorter mission statement have more impact? Would it be easier to incorporate in everyday learning? I say yes two both questions.

    Submitted: 11/13/09

  3. I hate the first paragraph. It sounds like a commercial for Parkway, like a boast. I think it should say that "our mission is to..." or "our goal is to..." If we're so perfect already, we don't even need a mission statement.

    Submitted: 11/12/09

  4. Correction.I prefer the submission on 10/30

    Submitted: 11/03/09

  5. I like submission #9.

    Submitted: 11/03/09

  6. After reading the mission statement, I do not believe we should use the word "ensure" as that to me almost sounds like a guarantee. There are no guarantee's and given a certain set of circumstances we may not be able to ensure anything. I also question "fully" prepared for the same reason. I think we can strive to develop/prepare a student and work to equip him for a life in a global community but if a student is not ready to receive the skills and knowledge then I do not know how we can ensure a fully equipped student. "Stimulating and worthwhile" seems trival whereas maybe strong and well balanced sounds would sound more meaningful. Complex world sounds negative to me, global community sounds better. I was looking for something more on character(are we not wanting our students to have compassion for all?) Lastly, I believe students share in the responsibility for their education so I would say an education that enables graduates to "build" a life of purpose and responsibility in an ever changing global community.

    Submitted: 11/03/09

  7. I am an alumni of the Parkway District. I have the following comment about the mission statement. The second part of the first sentence in the mission statement and the first "bullet" point are redundant. Therefore, the statement could be consolidated to read,

    "The mission of the Parkway School District is to provide a stimulating and worthwhile education that ensures our students are capable, curious, and confident learners throughout their lives, thereby enabling our graduates to lead fulfilling, productive, and responsible lives in an ever-changing and complex world."

    I personally believe that the bullet points are not part of the mission statement itself, but rather the measure of its success. Including it as part of the mission statement may make the mission statement too long, though including them does give more definition to what the district intends its education to encompass.

    The success of the district, in my mind measured in large part by the active alumni association, is unprecedented. Most school systems do not have students bringing their "loved ones" back to their high school the way Parkway students do. It shows the pride we have in our education, that this is one of the places we want to share. Surprisingly, I noted this when I watched "The Bachelor" with Trista in the first show. She brought Alex to Central and I recognized the football stands. She is the ONLY person on ANY of the Bachelor shows to bring someone to their HS. What does this say? To me, it shows that Parkway Grads are proud of their Alma Mater. One of the first places I brought my husband when I brought him back to StL was also Central! I am proud of what the school has done for me. I don't think most people feel that way about their Primary and Secondary school educations. Parkway is doing something right and something BETTER than most schools in this nation.

    Parkway Pride is something that you have created in so many graduates over the years and that is a testament to the success of your mission.

    My Parkway education has provided me more tools of success than the rest of my degrees combined (I have a BS and an MS in Engineering). I use skills I learned at Parkway daily at work. Thank you for continuing this mission for future graduates of Parkway. Graduates KNOW that they are getting a Distinguished education when they attend a Parkway School.

    Linda Bloomfield Madigan (Central '82)

    Submitted: 11/02/09

  8. What does a curious learner look like? That would be hard to evaluate. You can wonder about anything, but that doesn't mean you take action to find out the answers. We would suggest the word "motivated" in place of curious.

    Also, "aim" seems a little unsure, as if it's something we're trying to do but not guaranteeing.

    Submitted: 11/02/09

  9. Maybe change "curious" to a word that implies more action...like investigative, inquisitive, problem-solving, strategic, etc.

    Submitted: 11/02/09

  10. "Ever changing and complex world"" has a hokey sound to it.

    Could we make "provide" the verb instead of "aim"?

    We prefer the word "purposeful" to "curious."

    We suggest: capable, confident, lifelong learners.

    Submitted: 11/02/09

111 to 120 of 179 Comments
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