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Draft Mission Feedback

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  1. Regarding the mission statement - I would like it changed to read

    students are capable, curious, confident and life-long learners who are well equipped ..... I think it is important to stress the importance of challenging students to continue learning even after they leave our doors.

    Submitted: 2/25/10

  2. I feel the one major omission in these documents is humanism. Our children are humans (not just skills and results) and we need a mission that reflects that fact. Where is the love and understanding for their fellow humans or their place in the world and obligations to others. It all seems very one sided and results oriented.

    Submitted: 2/24/10

  3. Ensure is a powerful word, and not achievable if it means guarantee. We may be aiming to ensure that students are capable, curious and confident, but not all people have these characteristics.

    The last item in the vision should be eliminated because the school years are the appropriate time to try out, or sample different directions and callings.

    Submitted: 2/24/10

  4. MISSION: The mission of the Parkway School District is to ensure ALL students are capable, curious and confident learners who are well equipped to understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

    Everyone that responded agreed that adding ALL students to the Mission statement is important. If it's left out it does not necessarily imply the same.

    VISION We succeed when all our students and graduates are: [Should this be "We" succeed, or "our students, graduates, and communities succeed whenÂ…"? Isn't changing the community one of the goals of education?]

    " able to transfer their prior learning to new demands, in and out of school " fully prepared for their next educational, vocational, and civic challenges " creative, thoughtful and effective problem solvers " increasingly self-directed, skilled and persistent as learners and as active participants in their community " literate and critical consumers of information and ideas " articulate thoughtful speakers, effective writers, and effective active listeners " acting out of a strong sense of personal, social and civic responsibility " always seeking to understand the individual strengths, views, values and cultures of others " working skillfully with others to achieve common goals " appreciative of the role the arts play in their lives and culture " clear on a direction or calling they seek to pursue [ this may be redundant to theself-directed phrase above, and this may be a little lofty. How about aware of a diverse array of opportunities for their future direction matched to their unique strengths?]

    Additions to Vision statement- We succeed when our students and graduates are: (1) compassionate and caring individuals who feel the responsibility towards other in their community particularly those most vulnerable (2) future citizens who are exposed to diversity on a daily basis and learn acceptance of others who may be different (3) believe and see strength in including everyone including those who have different abilities (4) able to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas in a situation appropriate manner (5) include preparation for life, work, family etc. All students need to be able to transition into the world and care for themselves. Even the brightest students may face challenges moving from high school into the world.

    Am thinking more about 'typical' kids coming out of school with experiences that take them into a future where they accept and expect those with disabilities to be alongside in whatever career they choose.

    We should promote "EMPATHY" in our kids. That's a trait that'll help all kids in all walks of life -- in Career, Home and Community !

    LEARNING PRINCIPLES People learn best when they: [Is there a reason that people was chosen vs. students or individuals?] " know their teachers and families believe they can learn and succeed [or just believe they can learn and succeed and delete the beginning] " have the support of family members who are invited to be active partners in the educational process " are presented with the opportunity to provide feedback on their educational environment " value their social-emotional and mental health equally in comparison to their physical and intellectual achievements " contribute participate as respected members of the learning community " are engaged in learning experiences that match their needs, and interests, and learning style. " find personal meaning and relevance in the learning [seems similar to the previous line] " are challenged to construct new knowledge by building on and accessing their current knowledge " accept set rigorous but achievable individualized goals for themselves and identify multiple ways action steps to accomplish them " continually self-assess their work and learning through reflection and goal-setting [redundant; pick this one OR the one above] " receive feedback on their work and act upon that feedback [could be combined with the previous two principles] " are free to test ideas, take intellectual risks and make mistakes in pursuit of understanding " understand the outcomes of their learning and the standards required for success [I have hesitancies about standards required for success. Who is defining success? Who defines the standards and how would the standards be individualized? I think we've already seen that the standards set in No Child Left Behind have not achieved their intended level of success, especially for students who require special education. I suggest Understand that their choices and actions have a significant effect on their outcomes in life] " are provided time to make meaning of content and persist with challenging, intellectual work [I'm not sure what this one really means. Is it are provided sufficient time to make meaningful connections with content? If so, I think something should be added that discusses presented via multimodality teaching in order to make the content meaningful to a wide range of learners.]

    Additions to Learning Principles: People learn best when; (1) they are exposed to experiences that teach them to be accepting of differences in others (2) they see that ALL people have abilities and gifts/talents that need to be appreciated irrespective (3) they see it is ok to be different (4) Utilization of a team teaching approach, the words "team, collaboration" etc as well as "various methods" of teaching available should be mentioned, as it would hold the district accountable to work with ALL kids.

    General Comments If a parent is seeking a school district to move to and they are looking for the best possible district and their child/children have learning challenges, how would the mission draw that parent to the district? There is nothing related to working with parents or collaboration, team approaches etc.

    In the learning section there is little about what PKWY is doing to make this happen. It is all about the outcomes with little meat on how that will happen.

    Not all kids go to College. What about preparation for life, work, family etc. How many kids are having kids and can't afford school, so don't go. Some can barely afford daily life for that matter. How is PKWY going to prepare them for success?

    We should be thinking more about 'typical' kids coming out of school with experiences that take them into a future where they accept and expect those with disabilities to be alongside in whatever career they choose.

    We should promote "EMPATHY" in our kids. That's a trait that'll help all kids in all walks of life -- in Career, Home and Community !

    Submitted: 2/24/10

  5. After reading the Parkway school district mission statement, I believe it is important that we, as health advocates, express our feelings to the district. In order for a student to be successful in school, he/she needs to be as healthy as possible, physically and emotionally. We play such important roles at school. The nurse provides emergency and preventative care for the students and staff. She documents and provides immunizations, performing vision, hearing and other health screenings. The nurse not only performs health assessments and administers medications, but also teaches and provides emotional support. Today, many children who are ill with a chronic disease can stay in school because there is a nurse on staff. The PE instructors help to keep children physically active in a world where a sedentary lifestyle and fast food can easily lead to obesity and other health problems. PE and health teachers teach and emulate healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Physical exercise helps students to focus, release energy and feel good about themselves. Counselors and social workers at school help to provide a safe haven where respect and responsibility are key. Where would our kids be today if it weren't for the school counselor who takes the time to listen and be an advocate for their needs? Support groups are formed, phone calls are made, all to ensure that a child feels safe and cared for in the school setting. Thank you for considering physical and emotional health and safety as an important factor in our students learning capabilities.

    Submitted: 2/24/10

  6. I think that somewhere in the opening paragraph MISSION there should be reference to "in a safe and secure environment".

    Submitted: 2/24/10

  7. If at all possible, please try to revise the mission statement to read: The mission of the Parkway School District is to ensure students are literate, creative, responsible learners who will have the skills to understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

    Submitted: 2/24/10

  8. If your vision has statements regarding Parkway Students as contributing citizens, then you need a humanistic element reflected in the mission. It is important that our students have opportunities to be prepared cognitively for the future but shouldn't they be prepared for the affective as well?

    I propose a short and sweet mission. In its current form, its fluffy...how do you asses that a student is curious? capable? confident? How can you ensure something? What does well equipped look like vs ill equipped? Of course the world is ever changing...A mission should be something we will all know and are able to repeat and live by, not something that has been wordsmithed to death to sound academic.

    The Mission of the Parkway School District is to develop life long learners and compassionate contributors to our global community.

    Change the vision to "We succeed when our students and graduates CAN" instead of 'are'...change the bullets accordingly. Can transfer...can prepare and rework those that don't fit grammatically.

    Do we want students to just appreciate the arts? How can the arts help our student to contribute to a global community?

    Submitted: 2/23/10

  9. I agree with the previous comment that the statement needs a THAT after ENSURE, to make it flow better: "mission of the Parkway School is to ensure THAT students...." I'd also suggest that we substitute BECOME for ARE: "that students BECOME capable, curious, confident learners...." I think this more clearly indicates that education is a process. This wording also feels more applicable to our younger students, who are indeed becoming "capable...."

    Submitted: 2/23/10

  10. I am very pleased with the work that has gone into developing the mission, vision, and learning principles statement. Thank you to all that participated in this project.

    Learning Principle: accept rigorous but achievable goals and multiple ways to accomplish them

    I think this should be changed to read: set and accept .... I would add the word set to this learning principle because goal setting is a very important skill that I believe all Parkway students should have. I know that even in the elementary level, we ask our students to set goals in their studies.

    Submitted: 2/22/10

11 to 20 of 179 Comments
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