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Draft Mission Feedback

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  1. I'd remove the words, "we aim to" because it sounds as if we're admitting we may not make it. I'd go with something more affirmative such as "we will."

    Submitted: 9/23/09

  2. The second statement seems awkward, especially "We aim to..." and ..."worthwhile" education.

    I suggest the following: The mission of the Parkway School District is to ensure our students are capable, curious[no comma here] and confident learners who are fully prepared for current and future educational challenges. We will provide a stimulating, relevant and comprehensive education that enables our graduates to lead fulfilling, productive[no comma here] and responsible lives in an ever-changing, complex world.

    Submitted: 9/22/09

  3. I feel the change to "we aim" - AIM is a weak word - it needs to say WE WILL provide - "we aim" gives a lot of leaway to fail to achieve our mission and if we believe in the mission we WILL accomplish our goals - thanks!

    Submitted: 9/21/09

  4. I would rather see the word engaging instead of stimulating. Also, "we aim to provide" implies that we will try, but may not get there.

    Submitted: 9/21/09

  5. The draft is a wonderful summary of everything we truly would like to accomplish with our students. It is my understanding that in order for a mission statement to be a living, breathing, entity, every employee should be able to clearly express it. Could that happen with this draft? Is it a little too encompassing?

    Submitted: 9/16/09

  6. My husband and I talked about this and offer the following comments: We would suggest excluding the last sentence completely. It is our opinion that for the mission statement to be truly useful after it is developed, it needs to be short and easy to remember.

    We would also remove the word educational from the first sentence as we feel that the students are being prepared for life challenges as well as educational challenges.

    Thank you for the hard work that is going into this process.

    Submitted: 9/16/09

  7. I believe a mission statement is a worthy idea. This mission statement appears to be a mission statement AND contain mission goals all rolled into one. I would suggest that someone research how to properly write a mission statement. A short and simplified statement is more appropriate, instead of a complex statement with a run on sentence and a long list of goals. Would it not be more appropriate to list the goals under a different heading - besides "mission statement". Thank you for giving us the opportunity to voice our opinions.

    Submitted: 9/03/09

  8. A mission statement should be no more than 50 words. Beyond that, people will not remember it or even the sense of it. The Parkway statement reads more like a Constitution that is full of platitudes but has no focus.

    Submitted: 8/11/09

  9. The mission statement prepared is appropriate for the high schools (North, Central, South and West, along with the schools that feed into them), but not for the School District. The District's mission statement needs to say that it supports the missions of the schools, while being responsible for the taxpayers money, a responsible and leading community citizen, a desired employer, etc. In short, the District's mission statement needs to address all stakeholders (citizens, parents, students, employees, vendors etc.) not just the goal of producing good students.

    Submitted: 8/05/09

171 to 179 of 179 Comments
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