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Draft Mission Feedback

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  1. A mission that covers things succinctly and that we can memorize quickly is most effective. How about this:

    Mission: To ensure students are equipped academically and socially to meet the challenges of our dynamic and diverse world.

    Submitted: 3/31/10

  2. WAIT! SOMETHING BIG IS MISSING!...MISSION: The mission of the Parkway School District is to ensure students are capable, curious and confident learners who are SOCIALLY COMPETENT AND well-equipped to understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world. If our students are "well equipped", they'll also be SOCIALLY COMPETENT. This rivals academic achievement in real life importance. Great teachers can and must teach and nurture this. PLEASE ADD IT TO OUR MISSION. LET'S NOT SHORTCHANGE OUR STUDENTS!

    Submitted: 3/31/10

  3. I think the district is wrong to think that all will matriculate to a college. Other educational options should be available at the high school level. We need shoe repair people as well as insurance salesmen. Also consider being on the cutting edge of foreign language - offer Chinese! Counselors need to be added to provide real COUNSELING time.

    Submitted: 3/29/10

  4. Hello! I really do appreciate the mission, vision, and learning principles that have been developed through this process.

    There are four linking verbs beginning four of the learning principles. I believe these may read more clearly in an active voice: "are engaged in learning experiences..." could be "engage in learning experiences..."

    "are challenged to construct new knowledge..." could be "construct new knowledge by..."

    "are free to test ideas, take intellectual risks..." could be "freely test ideas, take intellectual risks..."

    "are provided time to make meaning of content..." have(?) time to make meaning..."

    The above is a little thing but the vision and learning principles are really set up to read like a resume and therefore a parellelism of the sentence starters will be more reader friendly. Thank you for all of your hard work! CR

    Submitted: 3/23/10

  5. Amend the statement, "always seeking to understand the views, values and cultures of others" to read "always seeking to understand the views, values, and cultures of themselves and others." We have ignored our own culture.

    Submitted: 3/18/10

  6. I'm curious if Parkway has any plans to adopt a uniform policy. I believe kids, of all ages, also learn best in an environment where clothing is not an issue. My daughter is only in Kindergarten at Oakbrook and I already hear discussions about what others are wearing.

    Submitted: 3/12/10

  7. I believe the mission statement phrase, "...who are well-equipped to understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world" could be made stronger by stating, "...who are well-equipped to MEET the challenges..." In order words, replace "understand and respond" to simply "meet."

    Submitted: 3/10/10

  8. I was inspired to hear of Parkway's mission and vision for the future of our students and school district. The one comment I have is the use of the word "capable" in the mission statement. I am sure each word has been examined and evaluated many times for its contribution to the overall mission statement but I find the word capable to be bland and implying that we are only striving to be mediocre.

    As a mother I want to know that my child has been challenged by their years in the district, that the classes and education they received have prepared them to continue their education in a more competitive, global market.

    I prefer the wording to ensure students are challenged, curious and confident learners who are well equipped to understand and respond to the demands of an ever-changing world.

    Submitted: 3/10/10

  9. In my professional and personal experience, it is in fact quite rare that a new high school graduate is "...clear on a direction or calling they seek to pursue". Most have an idea of what they might want to study in college and have a possible sense of a career choice, but this very often changes numerous times in their early career preparation. I do not know that this piece of the vision is even "developmentally appropriate". I would not as a professional educator or even as a parent want to be held accountable for this desirable goal. I am just speaking from a very realistic understanding from many, many years of work with young adults. I appreciate that you are seeking input. Thank you for your time and hard work with this. Linda d'Avignon

    Submitted: 3/04/10

  10. Add the word compassionate to the existing aliterative phrase, "ensure students are capable,curious,confident and compassionate learners...... There has to be some concern with developing students that care and are willing to help other people.

    Submitted: 2/26/10

1 to 10 of 179 Comments
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