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Sub-Committee 3/A/1 Meeting - August 04, 2009


Central High Library - Room 902

Committee Members:

Mike Mertens, Area Committee Leader, Craig Fenner, Aaron Willis, Kathy Muehlrath, Scott Bennett, Ed Blattner, Jane & Chris Crawford, Erin Cronin, Kevin Dickens, Dan Fels, Kathleen M. Fischer, Tyra Galindo, Nancy Gray, Hassan Jadali, Christine Johnston, Glenn Knopf, Erik Lueders, Vici Manning, Louis Quint, Lisa Scherer, and Juliette Travous

Agenda Items

Welcome and Introductions
• Took attendance
• Obtained email addresses
• Explained committee’s responsitility(ies) 

Agenda Topic 1 – Bond Issues:  2008 Bond Issue / Future Bond Issues
• Discussed and addressed questions re: Bond Issue (i.e., priorities, planning, project changes, revisions, etc.)
• Stressed flexibility and smart planning
• Funds earmarked for repairs
• Priorities of 2008 Bond Issue
• Need list of district’s/ buildings’ needs.
• Wish list for future projects – must base on building’s needs – don’t want to make decisions in a vacuum … each school
  has its own identity.
• Prioritize list and decide how the funds will be spent (i.e., power).
• How do we plan today?  We will get more information out to you. 

Agenda Topic 2 – Security (CCTV) / Cameras & Aiphone Entry Door Cameras 
• Cameras described to Committee
• Oak Brook Security (CCTV) Cameras moving forward
• Priority list provided by Asst. Supt. of Elementary Schools
• Aiphone entry door security systems installed by end of the 2009-2010 school year.

Agenda Topic 3 – Capital Projects
• Do Principals submit considerations re: capital projects?  Principals & Facilities work together to address issues.
• Does each school have its own capital pot?  No, capital funds are handled through Bond Issues by Facilities.
• Balance capital projects between schools
• Funding – 3% of replacement value spent annually 

Agenda Topic 4 – Understanding How Facilities Works 
• Must understand how Facilities works – must be flexible to meet the changing needs of schools and the District; we have 
  a good system going
• Interaction with and impacted by other teams, building administrators, etc.

Agenda Topic 5 – 2009 Summer Projects – 2010 Summer Projects 
• How are we doing?  Projects are on track.
• CHS – discussed science project
• Projects plan revised 6/17/09.  Will send new revision. 

Agenda Topic 6 – Future Committee Meetings 
• How do we move forward?  Develop meeting Agendas
• How often should we meet?

Actions Taken

Agenda Topic 7 - Action Items
• Send out new revision of Project Plan
• Current update on Summer Projects
• Information on “how to plan today.”

Q & A
Addressed questions and concerns re: other issues:
• Oak Brook – STL County road construction. Scott Bennett explained why work is not yet done and will follow up with
the County.


Discussion revolved around the fact that this team will coordinate the strategic and tactical planning and implementation of project work across the district. Our first challenge is to understand existing processes and procedures to determine if they are adequate or if improvements are needed. Our second challenge is to develop an understanding of the requirements and needs of the other committees in Project Parkway and the impact these requirements and needs have on the district. Ultimately, Goal Three, Focus Area A will be designing the 2013 Bond Issue capturing elements from all parties as we implement Project Parkway imperatives.

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