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Sub-Committee 3/A/1 Meeting - November 16, 2009


Central High Library - Room 902

Committee Members:

Mike Mertens, Area Committee Leader, Scott Bennett, Erin Cronin, Craig Fenner, Erik Lueders, Vici Manning, Kathy Muehlrath, Lisa Scherer, Juliette Travous, and Aaron Wills

Agenda Items

• To determine subcommittee formation

Update on ADA Subcommittee

Collaboration Subcommittee
• Meeting with Goal 1 Subcommittee on space
• Plan meeting with Goal 3 – Focus Area B on technology space

Subcommittee Meetings
• Discuss scheduling meetings.

Actions Taken

ADA Subcommittee - Update
• Members: Kathryn Muehlrath – Leader / Erin Cronin / Vici Manning
• Open for additional members Lisa Scherer joined
• Subcommittee is doing fine; collecting a lot of data and keeping lists of high priority items

Collaboration Subcommittee
• Formed a Collaboration Subcommittee to work on determining classroom size and layout without adding a lot of new
space but by optimizing existing space
• Members: Mike Mertens – Leader / Scott Bennett / Juliette Travous / Erik Lueders / Aaron Wills / Craig Fenner
• Working on building drawings to indicate square footage of each room; will send to Committee members (will not be
   added to website)
• Need to discuss district boundaries with Asst. Superintendent
• Q: Does anything need to be identified as “off limits” like mainframe computers?
• A: Nothing is “off limits.” If there’s a better, more efficient way to do something, we’ll try to make it happen.

Joint Meetings with Other Groups
• Met with Goal 1 – Focus Area A tonight regarding classroom space and furniture
• Plan meeting with Goal 3 – Focus Area B regarding additional technology space

Subcommittee Meetings
• Discuss scheduling meetings 
   o Q: Do we want to meet in December?
   o A: Let’s see what McPherson’s group has and determine if there’s a need to meet.


Received ADA Subcommittee update from Kathy Muehlrath and formed a Collaboration Subcommittee to work on determining classroom size and layout by optimizing existing space and avoiding the addition of a lot of new space but. Met with Aaron McPherson’s group, Goal 1 – Focus Area A, regarding space and furniture needs and possibly setting standards that best support students.

The ADA Subcommittee will continue to work on the building walks and data collection. The Collaboration Subcommittee will study the revised building drawings and work to position itself and be prepared for the input and needs of other Committees. We will also work to keep communications open between all Committees to help prevent duplications.

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