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Sub-Committee 2/C/1 Meeting - August 04, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Steve Colombo            Director of Special Services                  scolombo@pkwy.k12.mo.us   

Karen Coulson             Central Area Parent                              karen.coulson@covidien.com

Laura Dorris                 Early Childhood Education                    ldorris@pkwy.k12.mo.us

Sue Harbstreet             West Middle Parent                              sharbstreet@yahoo.com

Kevin Mabie                Central High Teacher                            kmabie@pkwy.k12.mo.us

Jeremy Mitchell            Central High Administrator                    jmitchell@pkwy.k12.mo.us

Agenda Items

1.         Group members introduced themselves and provided short mission feedback.


2.         Group discussed norms for future meetings, including:

            a.         Be flexible, especially to those who cannot commit to every meeting (we’re all busy).

            b.         Be respectful and actively listen.

            c.         Keep our focus on kids.

            d.         Always assume the good will of others.


3.         Group brainstormed data/current policies to be collected, including:

            a.         Policy for inclusion in class for special needs students

            b.         Advanced/Gifted Policies

            c.         Desegregation Policies

            d.         ESOL Policies

            e.         Population Demographics and corresponding MAP scores

            f.          Current Policies for failing kids


4.         Other important notes:

            a.         The group indicated that it would like to focus on the district’s attention to                      

                       diversity within all facets of our school community, including parents, students, staff, community

                        members without Parkway children, and the business community.

            b.         The group wants to answer the general question: What do we do for                             

                        diversity? If people bring diverse elements, does the district have a policy                            in

                        place to support the diversities?

            c.         An important question that will be wrestled with is “How will we assess                                                             current practices?”

Actions Taken

1. Jeremy Mitchell and Steve Columbo agreed to work compile current district policies and programs regarding diversity.


After getting to know one another and what we "bring to the table," we discussed the many areas diverse programming may need to be in place. We decided to compile current policies and programs before meeting again to take further action.

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