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Sub-Committee 3/A/1 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High Library - Room 902

Committee Members:

Craig Fenner, Aaron Willis, Kathy Muehlrath, Scott Bennett, Erin Cronin, Erik Lueders, and Vici Manning

Agenda Items

• Introductions

• Review of School Design Blueprints

• ADA Sub-Committee:
o Purpose and Invitation
o Schools Currently Designates as ADA Sites
o Visitation Dates for 2009-2010 School Year
o Information to be Collected
o How Best to Report Information Collected
o Process Questions
o Next Steps

• Questions/Comments/Concerns/Feedback

• Summary

Actions Taken

Actions Taken
• Members signed in
• Introductions were made and Agenda was distributed
• Goal of tonight’s meeting is to discuss the ADA Sub-Committee, what is being done, what needs to be done, information
needed, best method of reporting information received, what are the next steps, etc.
• Handouts from September 21 meeting were made available
• Building floor plans will be distributed. These are for Committee use - not for public circulation. N/A N/A

Agenda Topic 1 – Review of School Design Blueprints
• Handout No. 1 – Book of Parkway building floor plans (major buildings only, no concession stands, etc.)
• Shows classrooms, closets, restrooms (with stalls, urinals, etc.), closets, elevators, stairwells, corridors, exterior and
interior doors, offices, etc. To get a better feel for the room size, built-in cabinets, etc. are shown on separate drawings.
• Arranged first by elementary/middle/high schools and support buildings then by building number
• Printed to scale as follows:
o Elementary Schools : 1” = 60’
o Middle & High Schools: 1” = 80’
o Support Facilities (except Adm. & Transp): 1” = 60’
o Administration and Transportation: 1” = 40’
• Explanation of how a scale works. If you don’t know the scale, measure a door which is usually 3’ wide and convert that to get the scale.
• Floor plans show room numbers, corridors, stairs, ramps, exterior doors and elevators. Scott further explained how the
numbering system works.
• We are still in the process of updating drawings with last summer’s renovations; should have all floor plans updated by
the end of November.

Agenda Topic 2 – ADA Sub-Committee
• Purpose and Invitation
o The purpose of this subcommittee is to study current ADA compliance, collect data and determine what the district’s
needs are to make its buildings and grounds more ADA compliant in the future.
o Kathy Muehlrath will lead this sub-committee
• Schools Currently Designated as ADA Sites
o Handout No. 1: Special Education Specialized Programs/Centers
§ This is a list of all current disability services offered in Parkway and ADA designated elementary schools Kathy
discussed how ADA issues affect every area/building of the district and touched on designated ADA schools and
ADA acronyms.
§ Scott Bennett – Not all buildings can be made ADA compliant. All middle schools (except very back area of South
Middle) and high schools are fully ADA compliant but not all elementary school buildings.
• Visitation Dates for 2009-2010 School Year
o Handout No. 2: PSD – Annual Building Inspections 2009-2010
§ List of dates and times for scheduled building inspections. Each Parkway building is visited annually by a team to
determine changes needed to make them more ADA compliant and/or correct safety issues.
§ Southwest Middle may be rescheduled. NOTE: New date is reflected on schedule.
§ Aaron Wills – Claymont’s building inspection will be rescheduled.
§ Nancy Davis commented that one of the purposes of building walks is to determine their ADA compliance.
o Handout No. 3: ADA Checklist for Building Inspections
§ List of ADA items specifically looked at on building inspection walks and addressed if needed
§ Committee members are invited to join Kathy on some or all of these building walks. Walks take approximately
three hours and start with 30-45 minutes with building administrator. Please notify Kathy if interested and call the
school on day before/day of to confirm. Erin Cronin and Vici Manning volunteered to do one or more inspections.
• Information to be Collected
o Survey – Committee unanimously decided to forego sending out its own survey but to work with information provided
by other Goal surveys and from their observations on the building inspection walks.
o Large survey from Goal 1 – may affect us very soon
o Eric Lueders – Some of this might translate into healthy schools group, particularly with certain building materials.
• How Best to Report Information Collected
• Process Questions
• Next Steps


• Q: Kathy Muehlrath – What is the required degree of slope?
A: Scott Bennett – 1” of rise for every 12” of run; cannot rise more than 30” without a landing; for every step, it has to go 6’;
any change of direction requires a minimum 5’x5’ landing so a wheelchair can turn around.
• Q: Kathy Muehlrath – How many have been done so far?
A: Scott Bennett – Not sure – should be approximately 16
• Q: Erin Cronin – Are buildings brought up to standard only when being renovated? If so, why?
A: Scott Bennett/Aaron Wills – Issues are address as needed not only at the time of renovations.
• Nancy Davis - There are situations when staff, parents and other visitors need ADA accessibility (ex. Parkway hired ADA lunchroom monitors and found they were limited as to where they could be assigned due to ADA non-compliance).
• Kathy Muehlrath – Facilities works to make buildings ADA compliant not only for students but for staff members, parents, visitors.
o Examples:
1. Bellerive – sidewalk down to kindergarten for volunteer; changing cafeteria one level scheduled for this summer
2. Central High – carpet color change to show visually challenged students that he/she is approaching a change in
the flooring
3. Claymont – Aaron Wills described new ramp and Scott Bennett explained why it was installed the way it was.
4. Central Middle – Theater stage has been made ADA accessible
5. North High – Cafeteria ramps
6. South High has had several additions, renovations, changes.
7. Pools – all are accessible with ADA equipment
8. Nurses Offices – Upgraded or completely renovated one office per year since 1993 and made fully ADA compliant
with up/down tables operated by a foot pedal, washer/dryer and shower in each restroom, storage for ADA
equipment, etc.
9. Braille at entrance doors for sight impaired
10. Fire alarm strobe lights for hearing impaired
11. New autism room at South Middle – five students for part of the days
12. ADA changes to parking lots and stadiums
• Scott Bennett - When renovating a building, we are required by law to bring it up to standards.
• Scott Bennett – There is probably not a building in the district that additions or major renovations haven’t been made.
• Facilities averages about 100 projects per year not counting only cost estimates or concepts
• Aaron Wills – Concerned about the number of surveys being sent out.
Action Items
Kathy Muehlrath • ADA Subcommittee - Action Items - due at next meeting
1. Email invites to committee members
2. Obtain Safety walk through schedule from Jim Akers
3. Sharing information with PACCD


The major topic of discussion was the Committee’s ADA Sub-Committee. Information collected regarding Parkway’s buildings and ADA compliance was reviewed including currently designated ADA buildings and upcoming building inspections. What additional data is needed to plan for the district’s future ADA needs, how to best report the collected data, and determine what our next steps are was also discussed. Although Goal 3-A’s Committee decided to forego its own survey, we need to be prepared for the data coming from other Committee surveys. Building floor plans were distributed for the Committee members’ use and how to read them was reviewed.

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