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Sub-Committee 3/D/1 Meeting - December 12, 2009


Administration Building

Committee Members:

Wes Garton, Maureen Dennis, Phil Scissors, Ed Brucker, Randy Eikel

Agenda Items

1.  Board Approved Initiatives
         - New Middle School Model
         - Funding Coming from Discretionary Spending

2.  November Budget Adjustments
         - Discussion of Practice
         - Review of 5-Year Projections Based on Changes

3.  New HR/Finance Software


Actions Taken

* Discussed Board approved initiative--New Middle School Model.  Middle Schools will now have 8 periods instead of 7.

* Discussed the one-time retirement incentive being offered this year to teachers with 31-40 years experience.

* Discussed the addition of new FTE that will need to be added next year, including staff for:  ESOL, MOSAICS, and A+ 

*Passed out updated 5-Year projections.

* Discussed the new HR/Finance software package the Board recently approved.  New software is scheduled to go live
   July 1, 2011.

* Next meeting is scheduled for January 8, 2010 at 12:00 in the Administration Building - South Conference Room.


The committee discussed the new middle school model initiative recently approved by the Board of Education.  All middle schools will now have 8 periods instead of 7.  Central Middle was already using this model.  This will allow time for double Communication Arts.  It also will allow time for P.E. five days a week.  Funding for the additional 13 FTE required for this new initiative ($750,000) will come from reducing program and building budgets by 5% (5% reduction adds up to approximately $1.2M).

The District is also offering a one-time retirement incentive this year to teachers with 31-40 years experience to help reduce salary expenses. 

The District will need to add a few additional positions next year.  These include additional FTE for the ESOL program that continues to grow, a couple FTE for the MOSAICS program which also continues to grow, and FTE to implement the A+ program.

The group also reviewed the updated 5-year projections.

A new HR/Finance software package was recently approved by the Board of Education.  This will be paid out of bond funds.  The district's goal is go live with the new software on July 1, 2011.


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