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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - December 14, 2009


Board Room, Central Office

Committee Members:

Diana Stewart

Melissa Heberle

Jo Ann Miles

Jason Rooks

Kathy Cain

Agenda Items

Introduction of new members

Survey Status

Communications Matrix

Feedback from recent work on assignments

Assignments regarding remaining data to review

Next meeting:  Jan. 22nd, 7-9  (Central High)





Actions Taken

*  Revised introduction paragraph on Surveys

*  Will recommend that the distrcit NOT WITHHOLD a 5th group of parents from random sampling

Rationale:  4 random parent groups will help insure validity of surveys

*Shared reviews regarding examination of school web sites and Principal's Newsletters

  -  5 buildings are not current with new template

  -  We recommend that teacher web sites be reviewed under Goal 1

*NSPRA report that Principal's Newsletters are a main source of school communication for parents


We had a productive meeting and are making progress analyzing communication at both the district and school levels.  Our survey should go out prior to Winter Break..we have an open-ended return time knowing that we are in the midst of holiday events.  Assignments were designated to each participant with the expectation that they will send Diana their feedback prior to our Jan. 22nd meeting.

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