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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - December 02, 2009


ISC, Room A

Committee Members:

Diana Stewart

Kathy Cain

Agenda Items

*  Review Data Spread Sheet

*  Draft email message to committee members

*  Discussed timeline for survey/results

*  Reviewed data collection job assignments

Actions Taken

*  Assigned committee members "data to be reviewed" by Dec. 14th's meeting

*  Test "on line" parent survey  (estimated time to complete is 10 minutes)

*  Survey goes "live" prior to the Winter Break

*  Next meeting date:  Dec. 14th   4:30 - 6:30    Central Office


Diana and I reviewed the data spreadsheet and divided job assignments among committee members; to begin prior to our Dec. 14th's meeting.  We also mapped out our "tentative" timeline to insure we will have our recommendations ready by the deadline.  Diana was able to recuit a few more committee members to assist us with reviewing current  "communications" in Parkway.

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