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Sub-Committee 2/C/4 Meeting - November 16, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Glenn Knopf

Stacey Myton

Soyara Rivadeneira

Donna Savage

Dawn Wright

Agenda Items


Mission- Draft 3

Goal 2

-Review all Subcommittee questions

-Review Submitted Surveys


Actions Taken


Draft Mission #3 was distributed.  Discussion centered on the emphasis being shifted from the student back to what the district will do.  Draft 3 wording created a shorter mission statement.


The reflection on the other surveys from Nathan were distributed and read.  It was decided few of the other questions relate to our goal.


Our survey was reviewed and agreed to keep it the same.  An electronic copy will be sent to the members of our committee.  Per Nathan’s comments about having to read and disseminate the answers to our last three questions our members made a commitment to read and categorize all the responses.

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