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Sub-Committee 1/A/3 Meeting - October 29, 2009


Early Childhood Center

Committee Members:

Kindergarten teachers (full-day, half-day, early intervention specialists); counselors; first and second grade teachers; ECC teachers; Parent Educators; ECC and elementary SSD teachers; reading intervention specialists; literacy coaches; Social Studies coordinator; Assistant Superintendent; Project Parkway representative; administrators

Agenda Items

- Review the goal for the Kindergarten Study- "Students will develop social, emotional, physical, and academic competencies through a variety of experiences in an environment that fosters a love of learning."

-View video  "Land of Opportunities"

-View video of two early childhood teachers and two kindergarten teachers during developmental centers.  Discuss observations in small groups.

-Share upcoming survey

-Hear information about study groups and fill out a form with top three choices

Actions Taken

- Point were shared from previous reading of "Crisis in Kindergarten" (continuum of play and learning; teacher as a facilitator; materials and resources needed in a kindergarten classroom)

- Participants viewed videos of two ECC classrooms and two kindergarten classrooms during developmental centers.  Participants talked in small groups about what they had seen and talked about the role of the teacher, opportunities for learning, and student engagement.

-Particpants heard about the study groups (professional development, integrating curriculum and balancing the day, connections, and full-day initiative)

-Participants filled out a form ranking their top three choices

-Participants will meet in their study groups one or two times before the next Kindergarten Study meeting on Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The meeting began with participants reflecting at their tables about the book they had read previously. 

New members to the Kindergarten Study were introduced.

Videos of ECC and kindergarten classrooms were shown.  Participants reflected on what they saw, and discussed  ways that teachers can facilitate learning (social skills, language, reading, writing, math, science, social studies) during developmental center time. 

Participants learned about the four Study Groups for the Kindergarten Study, and each person ranked their top three choices.

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