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Sub-Committee 3/B/3 Meeting -


Committee Members:

Linda Rice

Kashina Bell

Sarah Files

Wally Flick

Agenda Items

1. Review information from student tech demo results

2. Review Goal 1, focus area 1 data.

3. Review inventory of current equipment and discuss timeline

4. Review group summary for sharing time

5. Dates for next meetings? Tasks?

Actions Taken

The group will be setting up times to interview students regarding technology devices/tools.


The group reviewed the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the middle school and high school tech demo. We came to consensus that students are comfortable using technology and wanted more technology in their classrooms. The Smartboards and laptops appear to be the most popular tech tools for students. It was also noted that students utilize the teacher web sites on a regular basis.

We also discussed results from the Goal 1 survey of students and teachers regarding technology best practices. Those results appeared to show  that while teachers were comfortable for the most part with technology, practices have not completely shifted to a point where teachers are using technology everyday in their instruction.

The group looked at the inventory of Smartboards at all of the schools. The current reality is that all elementary school rooms should be completed with Smartboards by fall of 2009. Secondary schools should be completed by the end of 2011. At that time, all Parkway classrooms will be at least a level 3 on the Visually Interactive Classroom (VIC) scale that was developed in 2007.

Finally, the group is looking at setting up times in the schools to interview students about what types of technology devices they would want next in their classrooms and what would help them learn.

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