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Sub-Committee 2/A/2 Meeting - November 16, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Marie Burke

Steve Colombo

Greg Bergner

Bonnie Maxey

John Barrow

Agenda Items

  1. Finalize decision on practices/processes to be reviewed and method of data collection
  2. Review survey questions and agree on final version
  3. Prepare for next meeting

Actions Taken

  1. Greg Bergner shared results from middle school administrator interviews regarding transition.
  2. Practices/Processes to be reviewed include; transition, grade level/content area teaming, building level teams (i.e., school-wide student development or discipline teams such as PBIS or Character Development, School Improvement Team, Data Team), Individual Problem Solving Teams (Care Team, Support Team), and co-teaching models.
  3. Marie Burke will provide special education transition checklist
  4. Editied survey was reviewed and agreed upon with the addition of one more staff question.
  5. Next meeting:  Will review middle school transition data in detail, review EC-Elementary transition model, will finalize interview questions for data collection.


The meeting began with quick scan of middle school transition interview data collected and reported by Greg Bergner.  Full review and analysis was tabled for next meeting to allow team members time to read and digest infromation provided and  allow agenda time for data collection decsions on other areas for review.  John Barrow will follow up with EC subcommittee representatives (Mary Kersting and Linday Kottmann) to obtain information about EC-Elementary transition model.

Areas for review were finalized as described above and method of data collection was discussed.  The draft plan for data collection is a telephone interview with representative(s) from each randomly selected building.  Details regarding sampling technique and sample size are pending.  Between now and next meeting John Barrow and Steve Colombo will work on a interview form and questions for the team to consider and edit.   Interview items will include questions about structures (purpose, meeting times, frequency, membership) and process (data use, systematic problem solving, protocols).

Survey questions were accepted in current form and the addition of one more staff question was made.  This question will address structures staff identify as providing opportunities for collaboration regarding student social/emotional/behavioral learning.  A list of generically labeled structures will be provided in an attempt to reduce label confusion and data analysis pitfalls associated with open-ended survey responses.

Team acknowldeged the potential need to meet as a group before the next large Project Parkway meeting.  This will be scheduled when required.


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