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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - November 16, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Joanne Miles

Jason Rooks

Janet Smith

Diana Stewart

Kathy Cain

Agenda Items

We edited the parent and employee communication survey.  We piloted each survey for length and clarity.  We began discussing "next steps" and future meeting dates.  We will be incorporating "branding" into our matrix and begin evaluating sample communications.

Actions Taken

Revisons were made to both the parent and employee surveys.

Meeting dates for December and January TBD.


We spent most of our time reviewing and revising the surveys to make sure each question was clear.  In addition, we tested the surveys with committee members to confirm the time it takes to complete them.  Diana also took these surveys to the PTO Leadership meeting today and asked some members to pilot the surveys and provide feedback by the end of the week.  The surveys should be ready to distribute before Winter Break.

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