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Sub-Committee 3/C/1 Meeting - November 16, 2009


Central High Library

Committee Members:

Jeanne Sander, Glenn Powers, Sally Terrance, Nancy Probst, Marci Lourie, Barbara Wehrmeister, Kay Wunder,  Cindy Burch, Sam Sciortino, Desi Kirchhofer, Mike Baugus, Carol Kohen, Hilary Kraner, Nathan Tyson, Greg Shade, Sheila Driemeyer, Sandy Collins, Larry Opinsky

Agenda Items

1. Updates – Interview Schedule

2. January 25th meeting ideas
- How will we share our interview results?
- Publish internally/externally?

3. School Starting Times and Adolescent Sleep
- Read articles
- Share summaries
- Open dialogue

4. Next steps?

Actions Taken

-Interview data due to Desi Kirchhofer by Friday January 15th.

- Interview data will be distributed to entire subcommitte on Jan. 18th in preparation for upcoming meeting.

-  Subcommittee leaders will meet with Goal 3 Focus Area A leaders and Goal 1 Focus Area B leaders to discuss commonalities in findings and/or possibile "collisons" in data collection.

- Longitudinal Research Article will be sent via email to entire sub committee. 

- Transportation department will create several "what if" scenarios around school start times for the committee to explore.


The commitee discussed two interviews that have already taken place with principals and how we will collect and share future interview data.  It was decided that notes and summary information should be turned in by January 15th so committee members could prepare for the January 25th meeting.  We also discussed looking at some of the other subcommittes work to make sure groups are not duplicating efforts.

The committee broke into 5 groups and each read and discussed an article regarding school start times and adolescent sleep.   Each small group then reported back to the entire committee by summarizing the article and the small group's discussion.

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