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Sub-Committee 3/D/1 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Wes Garton, Randy Eikel, Ed Brucker, Jane Thal, Richard Wells,

Agenda Items

Economic Conditions at the State Level

Annual Financial Report

Actions Taken

Group discussed the economic conditions across the state level and the impact it will have on Parkway.  The state has noticed a signficant shortfall in revenues from sales tax this year.  While the foundation formula that provides funding to "hold harmless" districts such as Parkway will more than likely be untouched, other funding received by the district may be cut or reduced.

The June 30, 2009, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was distributed to the committee for their review.


The committee discussed the state's $600 million funding shortfall and possible implications for the district.  The 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was also passed out to the group.  Committee members are to review the report as time permits and bring any questions to future meetings for discussion.

Committee agreed that conversations will increase as the other groups start determining their needs.  The Finance Subcommittee will need to study these proposals as they come forward to determine the feasility under current financial conditions.



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