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Sub-Committee 3/D/3 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High School Library

Committee Members:

Sharon Hennessy, Jerry Jackson, Nancy Urnes, Heather Saliba

Agenda Items

Software Application Survey Discussion

Disaster Recovery

Reporting, analyzing and viewing of data

Actions Taken

Possible survey questions for Application Software:

Is information useful, What information is missing, How accurate is the information, What edit checks are on the data as it's being entered, How secure is the data, How can it be better, Rate the navigation, Is it intuitive, What reporting tools are available, When would the appliction reach it's "end of life"?  What items would be important when it comes time to replace.

Disaster Recovery:

The committee would consist of: Director of Technology, Technology Project Manager, Information Systems Manager, Network Manager, Telecom Manager and Respresentatives from FInance, Payroll, Human Resources, Transportation, Food Services, Facilities and Securtiy departments.

Possible survey:

Audiance would be Technology Directors in Missouri

Questions:  Do you have a written plan, Can we access it, What priorities have been developed, What communication media and plan have been developed, What arrangements with software vendors have been developed,  What's the impact of hosting vs internal, How do you handle off premise saving of data


Reporting, analyzing and viewing of data:

Results from Goal 1 Focus Area C surveys.  How is the teacher building on a student's success & failures based on standardized test results. 




Discussed what and when we would do surveys.

For Application Software - How did you find out about the software, how long will it last, how well can you use it, What do you use the application for, How well can you retrieve information you need.

We will be sending surveys to other school districts on what they are doing for Disaster Recovery.

Most interested in the survey results from Goal 1 Focus area C.

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