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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - November 03, 2009


Administration Building

Committee Members:

Shannon Burger, Melissa Heberle, Jason Rooks, Jo Ann Miles, Janet Smith, Diana Stewart

Agenda Items

1. Update on subcommittee membership
2. Review notes from 10/26/09
3. Review new survey process to streamline, combine
4. Develop 2nd draft of parent survey - This will be an online survey to examine: access/use of various technologies; how primary parent communications and Web sites are perceived/used/valued; what information is desired and whether it is provided; primary sources of information, etc. 
5. Staff survey 1st draft update.


Actions Taken

1. Diana will send out 2nd draft for review and feedback
2. Shannon will review 1st draft of staff survey and provide feedback to Diana
3. Diana will distribute staff survey for subcommittee review


The committee basically went through the draft parent survey item-by-item and agreed upon changes to be made in the second draft. There wasn't time to go through the staff survey, so that will be addressed via e-mail and at the Nov. 16 meeting.

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