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Sub-Committee 2/A/3 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Beth Wendling
Jean Manning
Kim Dressel
Michael Barolak
Kathy Saitz


Agenda Items

1. Review Norms
2. Review Data topics from September meeting posted as our Needs Assessment
3. Report which data exists, does not exist or needs to be collected
4. Begin to look at data


Actions Taken

We will continue to collect and look at the data outlined above. An invitation to talk with the high school student group was sent to everybody after this October Project Parkway meeting. John Barrow and Beth Wendling will address their question to the high school group at Fern Ridge on November 18th.



After introductions, we looked at the list of data that we had brainstormed and reported on our “needs assessment” to rule out ones that do not exist.  The suggestion was to categorize the data we are going to collect into the following headings: SSD, Early Childhood, Counselor/Social Work and Discipline/Grades.   Following is the specific data to be collected under each category.


SSD data to be collected:

# of students referred to KEYS

# of students in Gold Star

# of students in Phase II and Phase III for social emotional reasons

# of students diagnosed with an ED or OHI diagnosis

# of students referred to SSD with social emotional concerns yet diagnosed “non-disabled.”


Early Childhood data to be collected:

Parent surveys and questionnaires

Developmental checklist


Counselor/Social Work data to be collected:

# of Care Team referrals for social emotional needs

# of Counselor referrals for social emotional needs

# of Social Worker referrals

# of students involved in district counselors’ leadership groups

Climate Surveys



Discipline/Citizenship Grades data:

Low Citizenship Grades

Suspensions in which the standard relates to social/emotional development


After discussing the types of data we are going to collect, we looked over two pieces of data: suspensions and low citizenship grades in 6-12th grades.  We talked about narrowing the suspension data down to which standards could be a function of lack of social/emotional development.  In looking at citizenship grades, we decided that the letter grade was not as important as the citizenship grade when analyzing the data.


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