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Sub-Committee 2/C/4 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Glenn Knopf
Stacey Myton
Michael Okpara
Donna Savage
Chelsea Watson
Dawn Wright

Agenda Items

-District Committees
-Needs Assessment
-Questions to think about
          What is the definition of a parent?
           A person with a child(ren) currently attending
             a Parkway school.
-Can a teacher be considered a parent? 

Actions Taken

Chelsea will type up the survey  created for facilitators of district committees.



The subcommittee met at 6:00 to begin the agenda items.


The first two questions of theneeds assessment has been answered.

  • What are the names of district committees? A comprehensive list was shared with committee members identified.
  • Who are the facilitators of the committees? This information was shared.


The last question on demographics has been answered.

  • What are the demographics of the Parkway School District? The committee looked at the demographic data from the DESE website.


In order to complete the needs assessment, a survey was developed.  The survey will be sent to all facilitators of district committees.  The survey will address the following questions from the Needs Assessment:

  • Do all district committees have student, parent, and community member representation?
  • How are parents, students, and community members selected to be on district committees?
  • Do facilitators of the committees seek out students, parents, and community members who reflect Parkway's diverse community?




The following questions were discussed:

  • Should committee members serve in multiple roles on committees?
  • What is the definition of diversity?
  • Do all district committees need parents, students, and community members on them?


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